Can a recumbent exercise bike provide a good workout?

I never thought I’d use a recumbent bike. I’ll be quite frank, they’ve always looked a bit too relaxing to provide a full workout. Over the past couple of months, however, I’ve been using a Domyos E-Seat recumbent exercise bike and it’s become my main form of aerobic exercise. There’s a bit of a story as to why, so indulge me for a moment.

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Here I am, using the Domyos E-Seat recumbent bike. With my running days over, has this proven to be a good alternative?
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Cream of tomato soup recipe with Beko #EatLikeAPro

There’s been a lot of confusion this year over whether it is autumn or winter. Having had several frosty mornings, I’m going to call it. Winter is here and that means many things, including the need to eat more soup.

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My homemade cream of tomato soup, created using a Beko soup maker.

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My answer to Heart’s ‘Feel Good Challenge’? Inline skating.

Hanging from the ceiling of our garage was a bag. Every time I passed this bag, I felt a pang of guilt because inside it were some very expensive sports items that I used to regularly use. Thanks to the radio station Heart, I’ve bought that bag and its contents out of retirement and it feels great.

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Helen and I were inspired to take part in Heart’s feel Good Challenge.

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On a health kick with Robinsons

I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment. Part of this health kick has involved taking steps to ensure I drink more water.

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We’ve been getting to grips with the Robinsons range of drinks to see if it encouraged us to drink more water. See how we got on.

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Getting your child on their bike

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A balance bike, a great way to ease a child into cycling.

I’ve recently published a couple of posts about our six year old, Helen, learning to ride her bike (see here and also here). Toddler Adams won’t be that far behind and one option to help her get on two wheels is a balance bike. Some of the considerations you need to think about when buying a balance bike are outlined in this guest post from from balance bike aficionado Michael Codd.

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