Visiting Palacerigg Country Park

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This year we spent Christmas with family up in Scotland. Our flight home on Tuesday wasn’t until the afternoon and the children were hyper-excited, aided by the fact they’d been fed huge amounts of sweets over the festive period.

Realising they were steadily tearing granny’s house apart, we took them to the nearby Palacerigg Country Park to burn off some energy. Wow did they need to do this! The added bonus is this park is free to visit

When my kids get in this state, they leave me feeling quite confused. They will steadfastly refuse to go outside and play. Once they are outside, they don’t want to come in again and that’s exactly what happened on this occasion!

I had my new Canon DSLR camera with me and so I couldn’t resist taking some pictures. As it was a bright day I was keen to experiment and take some images that featured the sun flare.

During our visit the children fed some ducks…

PalaceriggCountry Park, BNorth Lanarkshire, Scotland, days out with children
Helen, feeding the ducks at Palacerigg Country Park in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. I love this picture because of the sun flare above her head!

They also fed some sheep…

Palacerigg COuntry Park, days out with children, Scotland, North Lanarkshire
Mrs Adams and the children feed some sheep at Palacerigg Country Park

The park also features a treetop walk. At this time of year the walk is fantastic because there are no leaves on the trees so you can see for miles and miles.

Palacerigg COuntry Park, Scotland, days out with children, days out with children in Scotland
Helen and Elizabeth admiring the view from the treetop walk.

The picture below was also taken from the treetop walk. It is a favourite of mine because of the sun flare. It’s an effect I couldn’t capture on my old camera.

Palacerigg Country Park, days out with children
An alternative view from the treetop walk at Palacerigg Country Park. I love the sun flare effect, it’s something I couldn’t capture with my old camera.

We spent a good couple of hours at the park and finished off with a hot drink in the cafe. It was a much needed trip and it was good to get the children out into the fresh air before we flew home as the rest of the day was spent travelling.

I have added this post to the #CountryKids linky hosted by the Coombe Mill blog. Why not click on the badge and pay the linky a visit so you can see what outdoor fun other bloggers have been having?

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7 thoughts on “Visiting Palacerigg Country Park”

  1. Sounds like a perfect place to visit to safe Granny’s home and give you all a bit of freedom. I have just the same thing with mine and the outdoors, they would play all day on tech stuff if I let them, yet once they are out I can’t find them to come in for dinner again! What a beautiful day and I can already see a change in your photos with the new camera, I think you are going to find it coming out with you all the time. thank you so much for joining the first #CountryKids of 2016

  2. I do love a bit of sun flare on a photo as well. Just seems to show the heat and light more than without it. Bet it was nice to get the kids outside. N’s just the same, never wants to go out but then generally would stay out as long as possible

    Happy new year

    1. Happy new year to you also Emma. It was great to get the kids outside and guess what, they didn’t want to go back inside again.

  3. The phrase “slowing tearing granny’s house apart” sounds familiar!
    Hope you had a great Christmas and getting out and about is essential with the kids isn’t it, just so they can properly stretch their legs – and lungs!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year to you

    1. Happy new year to you also Tracey. In fact, the house wasn’t always slowly torn apart. Sometimes it happened very quickly!

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