Why an electric fire might be the best choice for your home

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With so many types of fireplace to choose from, you might be confused about the best option for your home. In many cases, it is simplest to stick with what you already have and replace your old fire with a similar type. If you have a gas fire and fancy a change, however, or are installing a fire in a room where there is not one already, here are some reasons why electric might be the way to go.

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Could an electric fire be the correct choice for your home?

Huge choice of designs

There are literally thousands of electric fires available for you to choose from. Whether your tastes are classic and you favour traditional fireplaces or you want something contemporary to complement your modern decor, you will find your perfect match.

Easy installation

Electric fires are incredibly easy to install and many models simply need plugging in. You can be enjoying the warmth and ambience of your new fire in a matter of minutes! Electric fires do not require a chimney, making them perfect for smaller rooms or modern homes that were built without a working chimney. You often don’t even need a fireplace, so you can locate your fire in the most convenient spot for you.

Simple to use

Electric fires are designed to be easy to use and most can be operated at the flick of a switch. Many newer models even come complete with a remote control so that you can adjust the temperature and display from anywhere in the room – you don’t even need to leave the sofa! Fires with thermostats are also useful, as they sense the temperature of your room and keep your home at your ideal heating level. This helps to prevent energy waste and keeps you comfortable at all times.</p>

They are energy efficient

When you buy any new fire, you should easily be able to find out the energy efficiency rating of your chosen model. Choosing a highly rated electric fire helps to cut out energy waste and reduces your bills at the same time; in addition, it is better for the environment. Most electric fires give you the option of having the living flame display on even when the fire is not giving out any heat, which means you can add a warm and welcoming feel to your room at negligible cost. With gas fires, it is necessary to turn the heat on to get the same attractive display.


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