Day: December 9, 2015

Christmas fashion giveaway from Joe Browns!

Does your wardrobe need updating? Fed up of wearing mum and dad clothes all the time? The competition below from Joe Browns will be the thing for you! The prize is £50 to spend with Joe Browns and taking part is really easy, although we’ll come on to that in a moment. First of all,

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The difference between step and half siblings

I am a stepchild. This is no secret, I have written about the subject before. As a stepchild (stepson) I am often surprised at how often the term is misused, especially when referring to siblings and half siblings. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I don’t lie awake at night on a

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Live LAGOM; living sustainably with help from Ikea

I’ve written previously about my desire to lead a greener life. Before I had kids, life was less hectic and I had money to spare. I could spend time ripping the plastic windows out of envelopes before putting them in the recycling and finding the money to purcahse more expensive eco-friendly products was easy. It’s

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Scooter tips and tricks #ad

Christmas is almost here. No doubt many of you will be buying your children a scooter as a gift. My kids both have scooters and love using them, especially Elizabeth, my youngest child. It’s also a fact that I have an adult scooter and I won’t deny it, I thoroughly enjoy buzzing around on it.

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