Scooter tips and tricks #ad

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Christmas is almost here. No doubt many of you will be buying your children a scooter as a gift.

My kids both have scooters and love using them, especially Elizabeth, my youngest child. It’s also a fact that I have an adult scooter and I won’t deny it, I thoroughly enjoy buzzing around on it.

For those of you thinking about buying a scooter for your offspring, the infographic below from Halfords may prove useful. It shows how you can keep safe using a scooter and also shows how you can do various stunts. I hope you find it informative and good luck pulling off the stunts!

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Disclosure; this is a collaborative post produced in association with Halfords.

4 thoughts on “Scooter tips and tricks #ad”

    1. I LOVE my adult scooter. It’s fantastic and I have often been known to use it when running late for buses and trains! Much quicker than walking.

  1. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    My brother used to love his scooter when he was younger. So many will love these extra hints and tips.

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