Christmas fashion giveaway from Joe Browns!

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Joe Browns, giveaway, infographic
An image from the Joe Browns winter look book.

Does your wardrobe need updating? Fed up of wearing mum and dad clothes all the time? The competition below from Joe Browns will be the thing for you!

The prize is £50 to spend with Joe Browns and taking part is really easy, although we’ll come on to that in a moment. First of all, a word or two about the infographic below. Joe Browns has done some research into how men prepare for Christmas.

The results are quite surprising. It seems us guys have an incredibly charitable side. An amazing 83% would give a present to every child in the world if they were Santa Claus for the day. An impressive 35% spend between £250 and £500 on Christmas gifts while 6% spend more than £1,000. I’ll leave it there though, you can read the infographic yourself.

Joe Browns has an extensive range of both men’s and women’s clothes so the competition is open to everyone. To take part, use the Rafflecopter underneath the infographic. Simply leave a comment outlining what outfit you plan to wear on Christmas day. You can boost your chances of winning by tweeting about the competition.

The competition ends at midnight on 17 on December so don’t hang around, enter today! A winner will be selected at random and notified in person.

Best of luck to all who take part.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure; This giveaway is being run in collaboration with Joe Browns.

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103 thoughts on “Christmas fashion giveaway from Joe Browns!”

  1. Usually we have a very lazy tradition of changing into our new pjs! But this year we are hosting & I have lots of in laws coming & I don’t think they will take to my family’s alternative attire so I need to get my thinking cap on!!

  2. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    Im wearing something warm ! Ive been relaly poorly the last few weeks, i’ve just been discharged from hospital with acute pnuemonia 🙁 so black fleece-lined leggings and my cream, sequined wooly jumper. Brown boots 🙂

  3. I can’t believe that many people don’t wear the hat for the whole meal – that’s sacrilege! As we’ve just had a baby, we’re having a quiet one at home so I’ll probably be wearing what I always wear; jeans, T-shirt, jumper and, most importantly of all, my slippers. An unintentional bah humbug!

  4. I have to be honest, the majority of the day I will probably be wearing pyjamas, perhaps branching out as far as leggings and a snuggly jumper when we go round to mums. 😀

  5. I will probably end up resembling a female member of the Bay City Rollers! I do go all girly and wear a red tartan skirt (with an elastic waistband!!) and a festively plump jumper!

  6. I plan to wear a red dress with a white belt and some white kitten heels! Of course I’ll have a santa pin to go along with it all. My boyfriend is getting his first suit! So hopefully he will wear that!

  7. Victoria Mylittlel

    jeans and a fancy top would be sufficient enough as little one will be wiping her face by using my clothes anyway

  8. I haven’t bought my Xmas day outfit yet but it will likely be black leggings (plenty of stretch ?) & a long sparkly top (to cover the reason for the stretch) but I solemnly swear not an Ugg boot in site ???

  9. Because of other family commitments our Christmas Day celebrations start on Boxing Day so on Christmas Day it will be walking gear as we get out onto the fells for a Christmas Day walk with turkey sandwiches..

  10. I’m going to be post op so it’ll be something comfy. Damn I’ve just realised quite how rubbish that’ll be!

  11. I usually wear items of clothing I’ve been given as a present, but otherwise a blue sweater, black skirt and sparkly tights

  12. I’ve got my outfit sorted, I’m wearing black trousers and my new Christmas jumper. I’ve made it myself and it has a big snowglobe on the front.

  13. If I could get away with it I’d wear my pyjamas but since I need to leave the house I’ll go with my stretchy black dress 🙂

  14. I will probably be doing a little fashion show as I am getting new clothes for christmas. Will start off in pajamas and see what I get to wear later. Black cords will feature.

  15. I wear the same thing every year, a long Christmas jumper / dress thing I bought at the Ralph Lauren outlet store about 8 years ago 🙂

  16. I usually wear a Christmas jumper, but it’s too hot when cooking dinner. So I’ve ordered a dress with Reindeer on, just hope it comes in time 🙂

  17. I’ll be wearing a super kitsch 50s full circle snowman print skirt that my lovely hubby had made for me, with some cosy tights and a roll neck sweater-plus a glittery pointsettia hair flower I have made for added o.t.t. kitschery. 🙂

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