A poem by my daughter

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A circle of roses. Pic credit below.

Last night my eldest child, Helen, starting making her own poetry book. She’s always been inspired by books and from time to time I find bits of A4 paper, folded in half with stories written in them and pictures drawn on the pages. Yesterday, however, she was inspired to write a poem.

Helen has been studying poetry as part of her literacy classes. She’s also been quite taken by a long-forgotten book of verse I found languishing at home the other day.

Helen showed me her book of poetry. There was a two-line poem written in it about love. I know she and her classmates have been taught about Valentine’s day so I think this was part of the inspiration, as was a song she has been singing at school.

Mrs Adams and I had a read of the poem and we were very impressed by its simplicity. I asked Helen if I could reproduce the poem here. She said I could, so here it is;

Love, a poem by Helen Adams

Love is like a circle never ending
Love is like a rose.

I hope this has been enough to brighten up your day!

Pic credit; Maginemoonlightfreeimages.blogspot.co.uk

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