Admiring the greenery on our daily exercise

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Don’t you find that the great outdoors has taken on a whole now significance over recent weeks? Whether its bluebells, birdsong or the leaves on the trees, I find I am taking everything in, much more than before. This photo, a fun experiment with framing and selective colour, was taken when I was having my daily stroll in a nearby forest with Helen and Izzy. The path really stood out and the leaves were an amazing shade of green.

A fun experiment with framing and selective colour. Thanks to Izzy for holding up the picture frame!

My youngest daughter Izzy was holding the frame in place, but it was my eldest daughter, Helen, who inspired this shot. Helen’s part of the photography club at school, a club that is operating virtually while the schools are closed.

Helen was set a challenge to take an image that was ‘framed’ and so I thought I’d have a go myself. It’s a very simple technique and one I have used in the past (see this image, taken from a bridge above a busy market, a reminder of the pre-COVID days all those weeks ago!)

Framing images this way is very easy. I bought that picture frame from a charity shop ages ago for a pound and I’ve used it to frame subjects many times so it was an investment.

While the social distancing measures are in place, I will be posting regular photography posts to the blog. Aside from anything else, it means I am keeping a photographic record of this strange time. I have also added this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Photalife blog. if you want to see imagery taken by other bloggers, do follow this link and take a look for yourself.

9 thoughts on “Admiring the greenery on our daily exercise”

  1. This photo is hard for me to work out. Did you take it in Black and white and that green inside the frame is the natural colour or is it edited? I tried doing this a year or so ago when (I believe it was you) did this, but without an assistant to hold the frame it just didn’t work for me #mysundayphoto

    1. My pleasure Darren, thanks for once again hosting. #MySundayPhoto has again become a wonderful part of my blogging week!

    1. That was the idea! I thought the green looked a bit more fuzzy than I ideally wanted, but it does drawn you in without a doubt.

  2. What a great idea! It would have been a beautiful photo anyway, but this definitely brings something extra. Over the last few days I’ve started photographing some of the new things we’ve been doing at home as part of lockdown – even the mundane stuff like more gaming and more cooking.

    1. I can understand why you’d take those photos. This is an insane thing to live through so I say document it. I’ve even been keeping a diary!

  3. Now that is very clever and creative. I love this and would never have thought to do it. Is it a mirror or a frame I wonder? It’s like something from Alice in Wonderland x

    1. I can confirm it was a picture frame Susan. I still have the glass! It’s a very simple technique and a great way to liven up a landscape shot.

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