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Helen, looking out across the English Channel from our Ferry, the Spirit of France


This picture shows child No1, Helen, looking out to sea from a cross channel ferry. I took it last week when we did a family day trip to Calais.

Helen is young enough to find such sights awe inspiring. I like to think this picture reveals her curiosity and wonder at travelling by sea to a foreign land.

As it happens, I almost deleted this shot. I took it looking into sunlight and I thought Helen initially came out looking like a very dark shadow.

It was Mrs Adams who persuaded me not to. I’ve given it a bit of an edit. I’ve tinkered with the exposure and put it through a cross process filter. For those who want the gory detail, shutter speed was 1/80, aperture was set at f22, and ISO at 400.

As I do most Sundays, I have linked this to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the OneDad3Girls blog.  I have also linked it to the Magic Moments linky on the Olivers Mad House blog. Do click on the badges for more.



27 thoughts on “All at sea”

  1. It’s a lovely shot and even from the back she looks really intrigued. Glad you didn’t delete it! Nice memory for time to come.

  2. I think it’s a great photo, I really like wondering what has captured attention in shots like this where you can’t see an expression. And,I love the way you’ve edited it, I use the cross process filter a lot, I think it works well on shots like this. I’m glad you kept it!

  3. I can see why she’d be fascinated with the view – its so vast and full of endless opportunities and you can imagine the excitement of seeing land or something far in the distance. It’s a really good capture – good call to post it rather than delete it!

    1. Oh yes, we stocked up on wine although amazingly still have some of it left! Family doing well and eldest went back to school today. Hope all is good with you.

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