Before I had a wife. . .

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What I looked like before I had a wife.

The other day I was asked to take part in a new tag called Before I had a Husband by Amy Treausre, who writes the blog MrandMrsTplusthree. Luckily Amy expanded the tag include wives and partners, or else it could have been very awkward. It’s not the kind of thing I would usually participate in, but it proved an interesting challenge and so I was happy to oblige.

Below you will find the list I came up with. At the end is a list of five other individuals I am also tagging.

Before I had a wife:

I was worried I’d never meet anyone with which to have children and share my life

I was missing a special individual to support me and the different pursuits I follow

I was missing someone with differing pursuits who I could support

I didn’t appreciate the massive sacrifice women go through during pregnancy and birth (one word; episiotomy)

I was a little directionless, chasing money, a higher salary and career progression but unsure what else I should do with my life.

I was presenting signs of physical stress and warned by a doctor that I was partying a little too hard for a guy in his thirties (see below!).

I was missing the positive influences of a wife (…spouse) family and faith, all of which keep me grounded.

I had no DVD player and lived with a television capable of receiving four channels.

I lived in a house that was, more often than not, tidy.

Life was good, but life was incomplete.

In return I tag:
Tracy at Mummyshire
Dave the Dadventurer
Fiona of the clucking good Free Range Chick
BiB winner Julian of NorthernDadBlog
Tracy of MyWorkingMummy

You Baby Me Mummy

21 thoughts on “Before I had a wife. . .”

  1. This is such a great reflection to do for everyone really. I can relate to quite a few of them but some are different because I was only 16 when I met my husband to be, which now seems crazily young, but it has worked. Great post

    1. Lucy (Hello Beautiful Bear)

      Ditto (well, I was 17 but close enough!)

      Everyone told us that we were stupid and I understood that but like you, it worked 🙂

      X X

  2. Ah John this is lovely 🙂
    You are lucky to have one another. I’m so pleased you joined in and I’m loving the pre-wife pic 😉

  3. What a difference a wife makes!! You’ve been very honest in this post and it’s clear that you’re found your life partner. How lovely
    Thanks for the tag, it’s a challenge as I’d sort of forgotten what life was like before a husband!!
    Great tag xx

    1. Thanks Tracy. I’ve figured out that picture was taken a decade ago. It has appeared once or twice on social media promoting blog posts I’ve written but I tend to stay away from using it now because it is too youthful! Quizical eyebrow look…love it!

    1. Yes Charlene, no DVD player. I survivied! But yes, it was a kind of unfinished life you could say. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Ah John I’m so pleased you joined in with this. I love your reflections on life before you were married & had a family. I do feel like I’ve aged massively in the nearly 7 years since I married & started a family, but I was so directionless before that I feel so much more grounded & happy now. The wrinkles are worth it. Lizzie

  5. Lucy (Hello Beautiful Bear)

    Lovely post, a pleasure to read.

    Only 4 channels though? Did you not even have a fuzzy channel 5? I’m a telly addict, couldn’t of coped! (Yes, I’m ashamed of this!)

  6. Interesting list! Before I had a husband (well, before I met my husband) I definitely partied too hard, spent too much money and was pretty selfish and insecure to be honest. I love being part of a team!

    1. Marriage; I’m a great believer in it. It may not be for everyone but like you, I think it’s much better to be part of a team.

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