Breaking wave on Brighton beach

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A wave, caught at the moment it broke when we visited Brighton beach earlier this week.

Earlier this week Mrs Adams, Toddler Adams and I spent a day in Brighton where I got this picture of a breaking wave. Our day trip was an unexpected and spontaneous thing.

A close relative of my wife’s had been hospitalized. Quite understandably, she wanted to get out the house and do something, anything, to keep occupied (thankfully this individual is now on the mend). We settled on a trip to Brighton and when we arrived, the sea was quite rough.

I’ve been taking quite a few pictures on ‘continuous’ mode recently. I thought I’d try and catch images of a few waves as they rolled in and broke on the beach.

This was the best of the bunch. In fact, Mrs Adams was the one who chose it as today’s photo. I think she chose well, as it is a dramatic image.

Exposure time was 1/800 sec, aperture f7.1, ISO 100 and focal length 55mm. It was shot in colour but I display it here in black and white.

As is my habit on a Sunday, I have linked this picture to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted on the Photalife blog. Click on the badge to visit and see what other budding photographers have been up to with their cameras.


20 thoughts on “Breaking wave on Brighton beach”

    1. I thought it looked quite good in B&W. The original, however, was quite gray in nature so it wasn’t a huge leap taking the colour out of it.

  1. Alexandra | I'm Every Mum

    What a great shot! Really beautiful. Did you use it on automatic or take time setting the preferences? Just wondering because I’ve been using continuous more with the toddler recently as she won’t stay still for 2 seconds. I shoot in aperture preference to try get the look I want but it’s hard when it’s that quick. Just wondered. Sorry to hear about your wife’s relative, hope you’re all doing ok?

    1. I concede this was set in auto mode. I wouldn’t yet feel comfortable enough using the continuous mode with altered settings. And thanks for asking, my FiL is on the mend now.

  2. Glad to hear your cousin is recovering. I always think it’s quite hard to capture crashing waves, that’s an impressive shot!

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