Ironing, cooking and blogging with JBL Everest 300 cordless headphones

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Here I am, getting musical with a pair of JBL Everest 300 headphones. Man, I need a haircut.

Cordless headphones are a great idea. It’s been a delight to try out a pair of JBL Everest 300 headphones and put them through their paces. The only problem is the impact they’ve had on my life. I’ll give one example.

The other day the kids were watching Peppa Pig on the television in the living room. I needed to do some ironing and really wasn’t in the mood for the antics of Peppa and her family.

I put some tunes on the computer, put the headphones on and started ironing. The first tune I chose was More by Sisters of Mercy (there’s a story here, I’ll explain in a moment). Before you know it, I was singing while doing the ironing, much to the amusement of my kids.

cordless headphones
The JBL Everest 300 headphones. They’re stylish and provide superb sound quality.

I then had to go into the kitchen and was dancing through the kitchen while singing the chorus;

I want more

I want more

And I need all the love I can’t get to

And I need all the love I can get

I then had to go upstairs to the bedroom. I was still singing, I was still dancing. I was having a great time. It was like being a teenager again.

The best thing is, there was no wire connecting me to a stereo. Added to this, the music quality was superb. I fear I’ve had many similar experiences cooking, cleaning, tidying and blogging while listening to Chvrches, Lights, Paolo Nutini, Jimi Hendrix and so on. My wife has got used to calling after me and getting no response because I’m listening to music.

So why the Sisters of Mercy? Well, truth be told, it’s a band I was never that into but did admire from a safe distance when younger. Earlier in the week I was watching television with Mrs Adams and I recognised the background music. It was the Sisters track Vision Thing. For old time’s sake, I just had to hit Spotify and check out some Sisters of Mercy playlists. Perhaps not very cool, but the band was capable of producing the occasional good tune in its heyday.

JBL Everest 300, cordless headphones,
Using cordless headphones made mundane, household tasks such as ironing so much more enjoyable.

I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let’s consider the headphones. I’m no stranger to JBL’s products having reviewed its Soundfly wireless speaker system. I also had several of its products demonstrated to me at a special event held for dad bloggers a couple of years ago.

The sound quality on all JBL’s products has impressed me and the Everest 300 headphones are no different. The sculpted ear cuffs are noise cancelling so you don’t pick up any interference from your surroundings.

They can be configured with any Bluetooth device. There is also a built in microphone so you can use it to take phone calls. I’ve used the microphone to issue commands to Google and found it to work very well. They also fold up to make it easier to pack away for storage and when travelling.

cordless headphones
The JBL Everest 300 headphones, folded away and ready for travel.


As for power, the headphones can be charged via USB port. They should last about 20 hours when fully charged.

There is a further nifty feature of the Everest 300. It has a function called ShareMe 2.0. Courtesy of a button on the back of the headset, you can hook the headphones up to any other Bluetooth enabled headphones. Regardless of brand, you can share music or computer games etc. with someone else.

cordless headphones
A side-on view of the JBL Everest 300 cordless headphones.

I’m actually wearing the JBL Everest 300 headphones as I write this (listening to Paolo Nutini should you be interested). They’re great and I see myself getting a lot of use out of them.

The particular product I reviewed retails at £119 and is available from the JBL website. There are other items in the range. The JBL Everest 100 is an in-ear set of headphones retailing at £79.99. The JBL Everest 700 is an around-ear set of headphones with a price tag of £169.99 while the JBL Everest 700 Elite, costing £249, has NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling technology that enables you to adjust the amount of noise you allow in from your surroundings.

In a bid to raise awareness of the cord-free experience, JBL is running a campaign called #cordfail. The most spectacular fail I can think of involved my younger brother.

I recall walking into his bedroom one night when I heard whimpering and I was concerned he had hurt himself. He’d gone to bed wearing a pair of headphones and the cord had got wrapped around his neck. In his half-concisous state, he figured out something was wrong and was distressed, but wasn’t sure what the problem was. In a somewhat shocked state myself, I had to unwrap the cord from his neck before he managed to strangle himself.

Maybe you have a #cordfail story of your own? If so, please leave a comment below or share it on twitter or Instagram copying in @JBLAudio and with the hashtag #cordfail.


Disclosure; I was provided with a pair of JBL Everest 300 headphones for review purposes. Thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

13 thoughts on “Ironing, cooking and blogging with JBL Everest 300 cordless headphones”

  1. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    I have absolutely zero cord fail (#cordfail) moments in my life (not of the electronic kind, at any rate). However, I did have a moment there when I saw a man with a white electric guitar on his shoulders…

    You see, I went to see The Darkness a few weeks ago, and Justin Hawkins does a thing at the end of each show, where he does a walk-around, through the crowd, on someone’s shoulders whilst solo-ing, and he frequently does this with the guitar on his back.

    Anyway, the thing that gave it away in your photo (aside from lack bare chest, braces and tattoos) was the lack of Gibson Les Paul, and the presence of a Strat/Strat copy (I confess that I cannot tell unless I can see the head). They’re all about Gibson guitars in The Darkness.

    Hold up, this post is about headphones, right? Got a little carried away with thoughts about Justin Hawkins…

    I’d love a pair of these for drowning out the sound of Peppa and Co. My kids love rock music as much as I do, but sometimes they just want the comfort of Bing and the impossibly-patient Flop.

    I used to have some lovely headphones by another brand who sport a skull as their logo. Sadly, they were stolen.

    Wireless phones have been on my luxury wishlist for some time. I’m pleased to hear that you’ve been enjoying yours. Going to look up Sisters of Mercy on Spotify now…

    1. I conceded it is a strat copy (but a very good one; never ever goes out of tune). I too have seen The Darkness in concert, although it was about a decade ago! Suggest you bump cordless headphones up your wish list a little higher.

      1. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

        The Darkness are one band that need to be heard by everyone. Cordless headphones are not for The Darkness. My husband may disagree.

        I had a Strat copy – a lovely one. My dad worked on the frets for me, and it had a beautiful action – just perfect. Sounded just like the real thing. My favourite thing to play was ‘I Need You’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Another one not for headphones.

  2. Wireless headphones are great for family life – I used to insist my wife watch The Apprentice with them on, and she can’t stand the sounds of F1 cards. I also used them for late night/early morning gaming sessions – even baby nap times (though of course with the baby monitor LED display in my eyeline).

    No #cordfail comes to mind I’m afraid, other than how annoying they are on headphones in a home context.

    1. This is the first pair of wireless headphones I have used and I think I want to get pairs for the entire family Simon. It would solve so many arguments between the kids!

  3. They look a good product – these days I’m much more likely to avoid the wires and go with something you can link up via Bluetooth instead. The missus got me a sound bar speaker thing recently which improves the sound on the TV, but it can also link up with Bluetooth to play music which is cool. No #cordfail I can think of, just the annoyance of taking 5 minutes to detangle them when they’ve been in your pocket!

  4. Looks like a great bit of kit! I also get distracted by music so have had to stop listening while I’m working. Don’t think my clients would have appreciated Morrissey’s lyrics appearing in the copy I was writing for them!

    1. Very good point Tom. Best to avoid inadvertantly writing MOrrisey lyrics in anything you’re doing for someone else.

    1. They are awesome. Got some workmen in our house at the moment and one of them tried them on he was so impressed! Think he wants some for his eldest.

  5. I have laughed when I saw those images of this article. By curiosity, when I read the whole article, I was so impressed by the article. You shared some great tips that any headphone can do with JBL cordless headphones.
    By the way, thanks for sharing those helpful tips.

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