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Month two of our experiment with Redex

I’m now into the second month of my experiment using Redex fuel additive in our family car. If there’s one thing that has left me stunned, it’s just how passionate users of this product are.

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It’s the second month of our experiment using Redex fuel additive in the family car. Here’s how we’ve been getting on.

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Undertaking the Daddy Day Car Challenge with Kia

If you speak to any father that drives, he will have a story about the first journey home with his partner and newborn child. I can clearly recall being accompanied out to the hospital car park by a midwife on a bright summer’s day when Mrs Adams and I came home with Helen. The midwife, I should add, was there to ensure the car seat was fitted properly.

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Alex Walsh and I pose for a pic before we attempt to fit a car seat in a Kia Stonic as part of Kia’s Daddy Day Car challenge.

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On the test track with Goodyear’s Vector4Seasons car tyres

Save for essential maintenance and safety, I am going to wager you don’t think about car tyres too much. To most people they are simply a part of the family car and so long as the tread is legal, they get no further thought or attention.

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On the track trying our Goodyear’s Vector4Seasons and Summer tyres.

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Redex: Will it improve the family car’s performance?

What does our family car have in common with a WWII fighter aircraft? The honest answer is “not much” but there is one minor, tenuous connection.

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Redex fuel additive: I’ll be using this over the next few months to see if it improves the performance of our family car.

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Motoring responsibly with the Alcosense Pro digital breathalyser

I hardly need to tell you that drink-driving is irresponsible. With party season on the horizon, it’s good to have reassurance that you’re below the drink drive limit at all times. Having your own breathaylser is one way to achieve this and so I was asked to try out the Alcosense Pro.

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The Alcosense Pro out of the box and ready for use. note the tubes to the left (see below for more).

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