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Groupon: There’s an online discount code for EVERYTHING

When you think about online discount codes, what do you think of? I generally think of cheap hotel deals, maybe money off a meal or getting an electrical item cheaper than on the High Street.

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Doing a spot of online shopping? You can find online discount codes for just about anything on Groupon, saving your family a lot of money. Pic credit: Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

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The Redex Experiment. How did it work out?

I have been conducting an experiment for the past few months. Every time I’ve filled up the family car, I’ve been adding a bottle or two of Redex fuel additive to see whether it improves the car’s performance. The experiment has now finished and I am in a position to tell you what I think.

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After several months of using Redex fuel additive, here’s what i thought of it.

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Making the school run that bit easier

The school run is one of those aspects of parenting that causes me pain. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, the journey home in the evenings is often great fun with relaxed children who want to chat. The morning drop-off, well, that’s a different story.

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Here are some ideas for making the school run that bit easier.

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Reviewed: Next Base 112 dash cam

If there’s one thing readers of Dadbloguk like, it’s a dash cam review. That’s certainly what the statistics tell me. It is, therefore, with great pleasure I present my review of the Next Base 112 dash cam.

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The Next Base 112 dash cam. An ideal dash cam for someone who needs a basic, competitively-priced model.

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Reviewed: The Kia Stonic compact SUV

Over recent years, I’ve noticed increasing numbers of various Kia vehicles on the road. It seems to be doing incredibly well and with the launch of the compact Kia Stonic SUV, its clearly got the family market in its sights. Kia’s recent #daddydaycar campaign is further evidence of this.

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Helen and Izzy strike a pose with the Kia Stonic we’ve been driving on the run up to Christmas. Check out the video we made as we decorated the car.

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