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In-car technology through the years

When I think of in-car technology, I think of seat-back DVD players that I jealously see in family cars. Why jealously? Well, because our car doesn’t have anything like this and I think it would be superb for keeping our children entertained on long journeys. Long journeys, by the way, are something we’re quite experienced

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Some ‘parent and child’ car parking fun

Parent and child parking is such a contentious issue. With two young children, I find it genuinely useful to park in a space with that bit of extra room so I can lift my offspring in and out of their seats. Like most parent’s, however, I find the parent and child bays are all too

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Review; Dreambaby adjustable car window shade

When it comes to car window shades, we have usually cut corners and bought cheap products. When given the option to try these better quality, heavy-duty items from Dreambaby, I couldn’t say no. Although sturdier than anything we’ve previously used, this pair of blinds (we were provided with two) is not particularly expensive. This twin

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