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Behind the wheel of the Dad Taxi

There are numerous signs that my children are getting older. Five-year-old Izzy no longer watches Paw Patrol and, nearing the end of her first year at school, has learned to read and write. Helen, who is nine,  is spending more time with friends, has decided that I can be “embarrassing” and has developed an interest in make-up.

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I have had a brief glimpse of my future. I will be driving the Dad Taxi lot, lot more in future.

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Roqing the school run in a Skoda

When I’m test driving cars, it’s sometimes very apparent when a manufacture has created something with massive appeal to the family market. Although I can only base this on my own anecdotal evidence, Skoda seems to have achieved this with the Karoq.

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Doing my best ‘man about town pose’ with the Skoda Karoq Edition.

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Track Days: Exciting fun for all the family

While there is nothing quite like the open road, it has its limitations. You can’t really test a car’s true performance unless you take it for a spin on a track.

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The range of track days available means the whole family can have a track driving experience.

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Where are all the hot hatches now?

As a dad, I confess I haven’t driven a hot hatch or had any desire to own one for some time. For me it’s all about space, MPG and ease of moving car seats around.

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The infographic below from All Car Leasing made me think back to my pre-fatherhood days when I could admire hot hatches. Pic credit: Oscar Sutton on Unsplash.

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Parent and child parking. How old should the child be?

I pulled into the parent and child parking space and looked up at the sign. It clearly stated the spaces were designated for “parents and toddlers.”

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When should you stop using parent and child parking? When you no longer use a pram? When your kids are at school? When they’re out of car seats?

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