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Q&A with Marcus Green of Action on Pre-eclampsia

On both occasions Mrs Adams was pregnant, there was one condition that I was very concerned about: Pre-eclampsia. It’s a condition caused when the placenta doesn’t function properly. I can’t quite explain why pre-eclampsia bothered me so much, but as it turned out my fears weren’t entirely misplaced because she was affected by a related

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Q&A with TV presenter and performer Nigel Clarke

I first spoke to Nigel Clarke a few months ago when TV show The Baby Club was launched. Nigel told me all about the show, which he presents along with Giovanna Fletcher. As he explained, inclusivity was the aim of the show. It was aiming to be inclusive of mums who couldn’t get out of

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Dadbloguk Q&A

Men’s health Q&A with Dr Euan Lawson

I think Euan Lawson is a fascinating character. He’s one of those people who has lived 100 lives. The dad of three served as a doctor in the army for a number of years before becoming a GP and latterly, he has worked as Director of Primary Care Academic Teaching at Lancaster Medical School (in

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