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Getting ready for school

It’s a frightening reality that Izzy, my youngest daughter, is just a few weeks younger than this blog. To put that in perspective, Izzy will start in reception class this September.

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The first year of school is over, and I’m one proud father

Well that was it; the summer holidays have begun and my first born child has completed her first year at school. She’s ending the academic year a very different individual to the one that trotted into that classroom one sunny day last September. I feel a certain sense of sadness because I can see her

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Volunteering at school

This photo is of a thank you card from the children in my daughter’s class at school. It was sent home with Helen yesterday with a handwritten note because I volunteered in the class up until the Easter break.

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My first term as a school gate dad

With the Christmas holidays having begun, my first term as a school gate dad is over. More importantly, it concludes my daughter’s first few months in the school system. During this time Helen has learned all manner of new skills and developed skills she already had. Helen’s reading and writing have come on massively and

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