Getting ready for school

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It’s a frightening reality that Izzy, my youngest daughter, is just a few weeks younger than this blog. To put that in perspective, Izzy will start in reception class this September.

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picture of Izzy, taken a couple of years ago. We’re now getting her ready for school.

It’s fascinating to look back and see that one of my first blog posts was about the advice my wife was given to induce a natural labour. To this day it’s one of my favourite blog posts, probably because the advice was, well, let’s just say it was very candid.

Here we are, several years later and labour seems a distant memory. Izzy’s developed a number of skills, among them writing her name and the basics of karate.

The thing that’s really crept up on me, however, is the fact she’s just a few months away from starting school. Yes, okay, I’ve known for some time she’d be starting school in September, but we’re now getting her ready for it.

In little more than a couple of months we’ll find out what school she is going to. We’re hoping it’ll be straightforward and that she’ll get a place at her older sister’s school.

I want to go up into the loft to retrieve Helen’s uniform from when she was in reception class. This, however, is a step too far until the school place is confirmed. In the nightmare scenario she is allocated a place at a different school, the uniform would be the wrong colour.

Whatever happens, I increasingly find myself saying to Izzy: “When you start school this will happen / you’ll need to do this / you’re not be allowed to do that etc.”

Mrs Adams and I have also started reducing access to her comforter. The aim is to keep it for bed time use only, certainly by the time she starts school.

I recall us doing the same with Helen. It seemed harsh first time round and it seems no less harsh with our youngest. I can’t, however, imagine what it would be like for a teacher, facing 30 four year old children, each clinging on to a soft toy or blanket and having to make sure each child went home with it at the end of the day.

Conversation with the parents of her peers increasingly focuses on which school they’re hoping to send their offspring. I think I’m slightly obsessed with this because of the experiences Helen had.

Helen had been at the one nursery for several years, part time. She had some very good friends and we imagined that one or two would go to the same school. It wasn’t to be: none of them did and she had to start from scratch, with no established friendships in place.

I know that was the done thing when my generation started school. In this day-and-age, kids socialise from a much younger age and I really felt for Helen. We’ll just have to see how Izzy gets on.

We’ve gone from labour to the point where we’re getting Izzy ready for school. I knew this academic year was going to fly-by but I can’t quite believe it’s come round so fast. It’s already February and in six months, we’ll have two school children in the family. Time really does fly.



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12 thoughts on “Getting ready for school”

  1. My eldest starts school this September, it is scary and strange seeing him in Pre-School uniform. I know it is inevitable, but it just highlights that they are getting older and time is passing by.

    1. Ha ha, yes, and that time moves very, very quickly. I’m pretty sure it won’t be that long untuil we start talking about first cars etc.

  2. It is crazy, crazy how quick time flies! Sometimes I stop and think about how quick it really is passing, am I doing enough to give them those special memories children have!? I wish it would slow down so we can all fit more in!


    1. Oh yes, I have all those same thoughts. I then think of my wife who isn’t around the kids as often as I am. Just have to hope the kids appreciate the good times and the time we do spend with them.

  3. Great post, John. We were where you are this time last year. Fidget got into a great school but her peers from nursery went elsewhere. That starting over was a bit of a strain for her, but she made new friends and all is well.
    Well done on the blogging milestone ( tempus fugit), and the obvious success you have achieved.

    1. Yeah, I feel for kids in that position. It’s what happened to me in fairness, but times were different. Glad Fidget settled in well.

  4. My little guy started nursery a couple of days a week a few weeks ago. At first it was really easy but he’s now sussed that this is permanent it’s getting really tough to leave him each morning as he get really clingy. It’s a tough time and knowing they’ll settle into school or nursery eventually doesn’t make it easier now #ThatFridayLinky

    1. Best of luck getting your little one settled in. Every kid is different. Just hope Izzy takes to school as well as her sister.

  5. Sad times mate it all goes so quickly I know when the girls started school full time I felt they were too young and still do but that’s the U.K. for you super post mate and good luck to your little one in September Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    1. Yeah, the UK seems ot have an obsession with sending kids to school when very young. One of my eldest’s friends was born on 30 Aug and she is tiny compared to many of her classmates.

  6. Oh the house is going to be so quiet whilst she’s in nursery. I remember when our girls started. I didn’t know what to do with myself and now they’re in full time school, I still find it odd having a quiet house. I hope Izzy settles in well and enjoys nursery. Just wait for all the birthday invites! The girls have parties pretty much every weekend! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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