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Are you losing your identity?

With the main Christmas shopping season well and truly upon us, identity theft is a real risk we all need to consider. It’s a threat I have always taken very seriously after someone broke into my car a few years ago and stole some identity documents. Thankfully on that occasion, I was lucky. Consumer credit

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Kept man or stay at home dad? You decide.

When I am quizzed about my life as a stay at home father, there’s a question I invariably face. The words may vary a little, but the question remains the same: “What’s it like being financially dependent on your wife?”

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How do you teach #LittleSpenders about money?

Getting your children to understand how money works and why it is important to save can be a challenge. The older of my two children, Helen, seems to have grasped that money is something you have to earn. My youngest, who is three, is a long, long way from understanding this!

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