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Moving house; it’s better done together

Moving house as a family is never easy. I think my most memorable house move was to our present family home after which I vowed never to move again. Why was it such a big deal? It wasn’t so much the move itself, but the fact it was the third house move in 18 months.

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Teaching children about money

The other day my daughter Helen came home from school with a note from her teacher. It explained that she had been using coins during a lesson to add up and subtract to certain sums of money. The note suggested we do a little further practice at home.

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The Standard Life guide to financial admin

This may not be the sexiest admission I’ve ever made, but I am passionate about pensions. I believe the importance of investing for your future cannot be overstated. New research from financial giant Standard Life, however, shows how poor many of us are when it comes to pension planning and financial administration.

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My own, family-friendly budget

Another budget has been and gone. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks looking at George Osborne’s plans and I’m feeling underwhelmed. This particular budget doesn’t seem to have done much for families and children.

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