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Childcare is not a women’s issue

  I am today full of angst. The reason is this news report on the BBC website about UKIP’s attempts to reach out to women. The fact it’s an announcement by UKIP doesn’t help my angst. My real objection, however, is to the idea that any political party would consider childcare a women’s issue.

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Comments on Liberal Democrat plans for paternity leave

  Having recently passed comment on the Labour party’s paternity leave plans, it only seems correct to do the same for the Liberal Democrats. In case you missed it, the party leader Nick Clegg and Equalites Minister Jo Swinson have announced the Lib Dems would, if successful in the General Election, triple statutory paternity leave

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Shared parental leave; why it is important, by Jo Swinson

We’re just a few weeks away from a General Election. With that in mind, I have approached several political parties. Each has been invited to put forward a spokesperson willing to write a guest post for Dadbloguk. I’m delighted to say most have agreed to this request. The article below is the first such post.

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Some thoughts on Labour’s plans for paternity leave

As you may have heard, the Labour party made a pre-election pledge yesterday. If it wins the forthcoming general election, it has vowed to double paternity leave from two to four weeks and increase statutory paternity pay. Presently capped at £138.18, it would increase to a maximum of £260. At this point I have to

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Research into fatherhood; what would you study?

If you could do some detailed academic research into fatherhood, what would you study? This was the question I was recently asked by a group of people who know much more about the subject than I do! Give it some thought though. What would you honestly want to look at? Work life balance? Modern working

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