Online safety

Online safety and digital resilience are subjects I am passionate about. This category features articles I have written on this subject, sometimes offering hints and tips to keep your children safe, sometimes written from personal experience.

Reducing the risk of Cyberbullying

Last week I published this post about parents over-sharing updates and images of their children on social media. I had been intending to write a follow-up about cyberbullying when an opportunity fell into my lap!

Out of the blue, I was contaced by Amy Williams, a US-based online safety advocate. Amy has penned the guest post below solely from a UK perspective and also produced the accompanying infographic about keeping teens safe online. View Post

When sharing isn’t caring

digital footprint, Nominet, The Parent Zone

Just how much should we share images of our children on social media? When does it become too much? When does it appear boastful and when does it become a risk to our children’s health and wellbeing? What sort of digital footprint does this leave them?

These are points I’ve been pondering over the past couple of days, ever since Nominet issued the results of a survey into parents and their social media habits. The survey, carried out by The Parent Zone as part of Nominet’s Knowthenet web safety campaign, found that a child’s image will have appeared online 973 times by the time they reach their fifth birthday. View Post