Online safety

Online safety and digital resilience are subjects I am passionate about. This category features articles I have written on this subject, sometimes offering hints and tips to keep your children safe, sometimes written from personal experience.

Teaching my children about safety and consent

With every day that passes, I find myself despairing at the news headlines. Following the fall of Harvey Weinstein, there seems to be an ever-increasing number of men being outed for their inappropriate behavior.

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I started having conversations about consent with my daughters some time ago. As they get older, the conversations will get tougher.

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#ShareAware – talking to your child about online safety

One of my biggest concerns as a parent is online safety. I have real concerns about cyberbullying, not to mention when the kids are a bit older, using social media networks and saying something publicly or publishing a picture that somehow lands them in trouble.

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The NSPCC and O2 have launched a new campaign to encourage parents to talk to their children about the information they share online.

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Technology for an impatient generation

When I was a kid, I was occasionally accused of being impatient. I’ve always thought impatience goes hand in hand with childhood.

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Technology is great, but is its influence making the younger generation very impatient? Pic credit: Alexander Drummer.

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Setting online parental controls with help from O2 and the NSPCC

I broke new ground the other day. I did my first Facebook Live event and it was for a cause very close to my heart: promoting a joint campaign run by the NSPCC and O2 to promote keeping kids safe online and help parents set online parental controls.

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O2 Guru Raymond (left) and I talk about setting online parental controls during the Facebook Live session.

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Thinkuknow; keeping your children safe online

As a parent, I am often stunned at the IT skills my kids have developed. My seven-year-old daughter is perfectly competent using a PC or tablet computer and her three-year-old sister isn’t that far behind.

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Do you have concerns about what your children get up to online? The National Crime Agency has loads of advice and help for parents and youngsters.

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