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When sharing isn’t caring

Just how much should we share images of our children on social media? When does it become too much? When does it appear boastful and when does it become a risk to our children’s health and wellbeing? What sort of digital footprint does this leave them? These are points I’ve been pondering over the past

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Daddy, what does this do? #MySundayPhoto

At first glance, this photo looks like it shows my daughter using a telephone. In truth, it reveals the moment I realised just how much technology has moved on in my lifetime. During half-term, Helen and I had a morning to ourselves and so I took her out to a nearby historical attraction. One of

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Infographic: Raising the digital generation

I don’t know about you, but I find it staggering how quickly my children can get to grips with digital technology. I thought my generation was tech savy, but we seem to be raising children who are considerably more at ease with PCs, tablets, mobiles and so on. I appreciate that makes me sound like I’m

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