Infographic: Raising the digital generation

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I don’t know about you, but I find it staggering how quickly my children can get to grips with digital technology. I thought my generation was tech savy, but we seem to be raising children who are considerably more at ease with PCs, tablets, mobiles and so on. I appreciate that makes me sound like I’m very old, but it’s true.

The other day I accidentally left my iPad lying around on the sofa, not something I generally do with two young kids in the house. To my amazement, I walked into the room to find our 17 month old trying to get various apps to work. She was unsuccessful, but she was pointing at the screen and swiping her hand across so clearly understood that what she was doing would have some impact.

This infographic, kindly provided by computer retailer Ebuyer.com, shows just how much time children spend online and what technology they’re using. It provides a fascinating insight into how children and young people use technology.

I encourage you to have a read. I think it shows that those of us with children had better prepare for an expensive few years as the need for the latest technology clearly grows with age!

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Raising the digital generation”

  1. Tom @Ideas4Dads

    My 4yo can now use our android tablet better than I can!! That reminds me I really need to make sure the parental controls are set up properly…

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