Pregnancy, birth & toddlers

Articles about pregnancy and birth from the father’s perspective. Here you’ll find articles about inducing labour, what to expect in the delivery room and why dad should be in the delivery room. There are also a range of articles looking at toddlers and the early years of a child’s life (which I have classed as zero to four years of age).

Dealing with second child syndrome

You know how your child can say something, something very innocent that forces you stop and re-evaluate your approach to parenting? Well, 10 out of 10 Izzy Adams because that’s what you’ve just done.

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A passing comment about love made me realise that second child syndrome is something we need to address in this household.

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Is there an ideal age to have children?

“Daniel Craig is going to be a dad again at the age of 50. What, John, do you think about older dads?” My response to being asked this surprised me a little. I just thought: “Meh, what’s the big deal?” The suggestion seemed to be there is an ideal age to have children and Craig was breaking this rule.

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Young dad, middle aged dad, old dad. Is there, however, an ideal age to become a parent? The real me is the one in the middle, by the way.

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Parent and child parking. How old should the child be?

I pulled into the parent and child parking space and looked up at the sign. It clearly stated the spaces were designated for “parents and toddlers.”

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When should you stop using parent and child parking? When you no longer use a pram? When your kids are at school? When they’re out of car seats?

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Dads in the delivery room? Sounds like a good idea to me.

“You can see the head is coming,” remarked the midwife. As she spoke, she stepped out the way and indicated with her head that I should take a closer look.

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Should dads be in the delivery room? Unless there’s a very good reason for them not to be there, I say they should.

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A changing bag full of old memories

In preparation for our house move, I have just cleared out a cupboard that’s situated under the stairs. While doing so, I was reunited with an old friend. Not a human friend, but an old Diaper Dude changing bag that used to travel with me everywhere when Izzy was in nappies.

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Just what exactly did I find in this long-forgotten changing bag? you might be surprised!

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