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Help me please; the toddler won’t sleep

Toddler Adams has developed a new form of entertainment. It’s a new game called; wake up around 5am and scream until someone gets me out of my cot. She’s always been a vocal child when something displeases her and, wow, is she using her abilities to fine effect at the moment. My wife and I

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Dads; excluded from the maternity ward #DadsExcluded

When I was made aware of the Fatherhood Insititue’s #DadsExcluded campaign, an example instantly sprung to mind. It’s a place where most men spend very little time; the maternity ward. The majority of men only spend a day on the ward so they probably don’t notice just how dad-unfriendly these places are. I didn’t really

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Pregnancy and birth; a print off and keep guide for expectant dads

A short while ago I was asked if I would like to pose some questions to none other than Dr Penelope Law, a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology based at the famed Portland Hospital in London. While the questions were primarily aimed at expectant dads, I think expectant mums might also find it very useful.

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Inducing labour the natural way

At the time of writing this post my wife was at the very extreme end of pregnancy. Life had become a waiting game and we expected her to go into labour at any moment. I remember from when our eldest was born that this is an odd stage of pregnancy and second time round is

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