Pregnancy, birth & toddlers

Articles about pregnancy and birth from the father’s perspective. Here you’ll find articles about inducing labour, what to expect in the delivery room and why dad should be in the delivery room. There are also a range of articles looking at toddlers and the early years of a child’s life (which I have classed as zero to four years of age).

From birth to pre-school: exploring the Graco range

Tucked away in our garage is a Graco travel cot. It’s one we used frequently when Helen was a baby. Seven years later, we still use it from time to time when we loan it to family and friends. That said, we have friends who are expecting children so we’ll definitely be keeping it as we anticipate you visitors will come to stay.

Graco, #generationgraco, Nimble Nook, Modes 3 Lite, Evo XT, Swivi Booster seat

Some of the Graco products we got to play with during the #GenerationGraco event at ZSL London Zoo.

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Five top tips for moving with toddlers

Moving house can cause even the calm and collected parents to have a mini melt-down. As parents, we love our toddlers, but factoring in these tiny ticking time-bombs can be a real struggle and bring operations to a halt. Mums and dads should not fear the prospect of a Peppa Pig-fuelled tantrum in front of the removals guys; the five tips below will ensure that you, and mini-me, both have a seamless and anxiety-free day.

Moving House

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Trying out the Joie ‘every stage’ car seat

care seat, child's car seat, Joie, Joie every stage car seat

Elizabeth in her Joie ‘every stage’ car seat.

You know those items used every day without really thinking about them? Well, I think a child’s car seat has to be one of them.

You strap your child (or children) into them every day, possibly more than once a day, without giving it too much thought. Unexpectedly your offspring will make a remark that forces you to take a close look at said item.

In our case, it was the day my eldest daughter, Helen, said; “Daddy, my car seat is too small.” View Post

Introducing the Finnish maternity package.

Finnish maternity package, maternity, paternity, newborn, birth, pregnancy, Finland, Finniish, infant mortality, maternal mortality, healthcare

Here I am, struggling to hold a ‘Finnish maternity package’. These things are great; a wonderful way for a nation to welcome its newest citizens into the world.

Finland; a Nordic nation with a small population, short winter days and long winter nights. A nation famous for giving us Nokia, the Moomins and Lordi, the outrageous rock group who won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.

It’s also a nation with one of the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world. This has largely been put down to a generous “maternity package” and maternal health system provided to all mothers. View Post

Pushing boundaries the pre-schooler way

pushing boundaries, pre-schooler, toddler, behaviour, good behaviour, bad behaviour

If there is a line in the sand, my pre-schooler will cross it.

Someone help me with a puzzling issue I have. Why is it my pre-schooler is more willing to do what she’s told when the request comes from a non-parent?

I’ve noticed Elizabeth has become a lot more stubborn recently. I think she is going through a stage where she is testing boundaries. If there is a line in the sand to cross, she will go ahead and do it. View Post