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Scooter races with Toddler Adams

A few days ago I took Toddler Adams out with her scooter. She’s surprisingly good at using it and we had several races. It goes without saying she won all of them.

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What I miss about those baby days

You know when you read a blog post that inspires you? This happened to me the other day. It was this one about baby carriers written by Dave who writes the Dadventurer blog. It got me thinking about how grown up my kids are now. It’s a slightly uncomfortable truth in many respects, but Helen,

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Toddler Adams; sleeping in a “big girl’s bed”

Toddler Adams has reached a significant milestone. As her third birthday draws ever closer, we crossed the Rubicon and removed the sides to her cot. Yes, she now sleeps in a “big girl’s bed”. Okay, we could have done it when she was a bit younger. We chose not to because of a mistake we

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Potty training, dad style

Toddler Adams has reached a major milestone; we’re potty training her and trying to coax her out of nappies. I’m not going to tell you it’s been entirely straightforward, but thus far it’s been easier than when we potty trained her older sister. To be honest, that comment is possibly a little unfair. I suspect

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Sorry Toddler Adams, you’re not a fussy eater after all

A few weeks ago I wrote this blog post about Toddler Adams and the challenges I was having getting her to eat. As the post proved quite popular, I thought I’d write an update. Essentially the problem has been solved. Although I had tried a number of different approaches to get her to eat the

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