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Dealing with a toddler who is fussy about food

We’re having some problems getting Toddler Adams to eat. The little monkey is going through a phase where she refuses to eat what she’s given. Alternatively, Elizabeth will ask for food (a satsuma for instance) and once given what she’s asked for, refuse to eat it. There’s definitely an element of the terrible twos at

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Administering eye drops to a toddler

Toddler Adams has had a bout of conjunctivitis. It’s not been a particularly serious bout, but it has meant administering eye drops. Wow can that child fight when she wants to. I mean seriously, never again will I underestimate Elizabeth’s strength. It’s like she turns into the Incredible Hulk at the sight of the bottle.

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Three stages of parenting: like swimming lessons

I’ve come to the conclusion that swimming lessons are rather like the three main stages of parenting. This theory came to me when I was at the swimming pool with both my kids the other day. Toddler Adams was a little nervous of the water and clinging to me. Over in a neighbouring pool, meanwhile,

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Clothes suitable for nursery. Am I wrong not to care?

Mrs Adams and I have the occasional, shall we say, “discussion” when it comes to my approach to dressing the children. I’m very practically minded and will put them in clothes that are rugged or, if I know they will be playing outside, something a little past its best. Mrs Adams doesn’t always agree with

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Communicating with Toddler Adams

Toddler Adams has reached a major milestone. At 20 months old she is beginning to express herself very clearly with words and is also following some simple instructions. It’s great to see Elizabeth has reached this stage. Every day she seems to be saying a new word. A few weeks ago she said “Helen”, her

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