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These articles are based on several year’s experience of life as a stay at home dad (SAHD) and latterly, work from home dad (WAHD). Find out what you need to consider if you want to become a stay at home dad, what you can expect and challenges you are likely to face.

Trying – and failing – to keep it together during the school holidays

I love the school holidays. With no school run and less pressure, they’re a great way to spend quality time with the kids undertaking activities we often don’t have time for. These breaks come with a catch though. What is it about the school holidays that takes a normally organised, vaguely competent parent and turns them into a disheveled wreck?

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How can I be so organised during term time yet loose all oranisational skills during the school holidays?

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At last: Recognition that dads are trying to ‘have it all’

Several years ago, I gave up my career and left full time employment. The reasons are complex, but I found I couldn’t balance fatherhood and family life. After years of writing this blog and engaging with mums and dads, I know I’m not the only man who feels this way.

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The changes proposed by the Women and Equalities Committee will simply see workplace practices reflect changes in society. Dads need to be supported in their role as fathers and workplace culture does the opposite.

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What’s it like, earning less than my wife?

I often get asked how I feel about earning less than my wife and what it’s like being married to a woman who provides materially for the family. For many people it is novel to meet a couple like Mrs Adams and I, where she goes out to work whereas he stays at home and does the domestic stuff and bulk of the childcare.

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I wish I could tell you Mrs Adams looked this joyful as she went about her work, supporting her family.

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A new stage of fatherhood

I was  sat at the edge of a school hall while my kids took part in a gymnastics class. When I looked around at the other parents in the room, it confirmed something I’ve been thinking for some months now: I have entered a new stage in my journey as a stay at home dad.

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I’ve reached a new phase in my fatherhood journey. I’ve noticed people are more open to the idea of a father looking after older children. Pic credit: Felipe Lopez on Unsplash.

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Once a parent, forever a parent

A few years ago, my mother told me she worries about my brothers and I more now we’re adults than she did when we were kids. As adults, the money troubles, relationship troubles and issues with our own children trump any concerns she had for us when we were youngsters and her concerns prove that once a parent, you are forever a parent.

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Izzy and I build a tower out of coins. It’s a creative way to get her thinking about money and saving for the future.

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