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The much misunderstood world of the stepchild

A little while ago I received a phone call from a journalist. In a cheery voice, she explained she was doing some research for a news story about stepfamilies. A survey was about to be published showing the majority of respondents thought the phrase “step” was outdated when referring to step relatives and stepfamilies. She

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Stepping out of my comfort zone with The Idle Man

The Idle Man has been going for a while now as an online men’s fashion retailer. The company, which was founded by former ASOS executives, sold a small range of tee shirts under its own label almost from day one. It’s recently expanded its own range to take in trousers, jackets and so on. I

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In defence of the blended / step family

I read a fascinating post the other day on the Modern Dad Pages blog (Editor’s note: The aforementioned blog is no longer online). In the post Rod, the author, was arguing that the term blended family or step family isn’t necessary. We should, Rod stated, refer to such family units as “family”. The sentiments Rod

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Where are the stepfathers and stepsons?

Where are the stepfathers and stepsons? This may sound like a very blunt question but seriously, where are they? I’ve been inspired to ask this question by the Times newspaper. Just the other day it published an exceedingly dreary and dreadfully predictable feature. On the front cover of its Body and Soul section it promised,

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