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The corridors of power

I appreciate it may be a cliché, but this photograph genuinely represents the corridors of power. Well, okay, corridor of power would be more accurate, but you get the point. It’s the passageway that links the cavernous Westminster Hall with the Central Lobby between the House of Commons and House of Lords at the Palace

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Men-ü skincare review

“Your skin looks radiant,” said Mrs Adams as I emerged from the bathroom. This is not the kind of compliment I am used to receiving from my wife and not the kind of compliment she gives with ease, so I was somewhat taken aback to say the least.

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Weight loss meals from Dietbon #ad

My children never cease to amaze me. They’ve just pulled off a very amusing stunt. I have, you see, been trying out Dietbon weight loss meals as part of a weight control diet. I was sent a week’s worth of meals and snacks, but suspiciously, some of the food went missing, in particular the snacks

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Saving money on energy with WeFlip #ad

Choosing an energy supplier for your family home is one thing. With Ofgem estimating most people could save £350 a year, ensuring you are getting the best deal is quite another. The range of tariffs available to consumers is enormous and just as soon as you have signed up to a new one, another, better

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Further adventures with reflections

The end of this working week did not go to plan. To quote Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It, I had a to do list “longer than a Leonard Cohen song.” Alas, I also had child No1 home from school because she was a bit poorly and so my to do list was quickly

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