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I have become a little obsessed with nature photography over recent weeks. I’ve spent ages and ages on some nearby common land taking photographs of insect life, including this bee collecting pollen.

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A honey been collects pollen from a flower. I love the detail in this picture: just look at the wings and the fine hairs on the bee’s body.

I have taken so many images of honey bees, bumbles bees, butterflies, crickets and so on. I think the hot weather has encouraged the plant life to go wild and with it, the insect population has boomed.

I made several attempts to try and snap bees collecting pollen before I took this shot. I’ve learned there’s a certain trick to it.

You have to approach from the correct angle so as not to cause any shadow. You then have to be very quick as, rather like butterflies, bees move on fast!

Ideally I’d have liked the upper half of the bee’s body to be in perfect focus, but I like the detail elsewhere in the image. You can see a little pollen on the legs, I love the incredible detail in the bee’s wings, and the fact you can see the fine hairs on the bee’s body.

Do you ever attempt nature photography? If so, what’s your favourite image? I’d like to know as I’ve got loads of images on my memory cards and I can’t decide which I like the most! You can expect me to share some more over the weeks to come.

As it’s a Sunday, I have linked this post to the #MySundayPhoto blogging linky hosted by the Photalife.com blog. I recommend you click on the badge below to visit the site and see what imagery other bloggers have added to the linky this week.



8 thoughts on “Collecting pollen”

  1. I love wings, on any insect. They just looks so delicate, I’m always amazed at the job they do. Sound engineering, obviously. Lovely capture, John. Can’t wait to see more 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  2. Hi John, excellent detail! The time you’ve spent stalking insects has paid off and I am quite envious of your photo! The detail you have captured is amazing from the veins in it’s delicate wings to the fine hairs on its body.

    I do like attempting nature photography, a few years ago I managed to get a photograph of a leopard snake (totally non-venomous, but quite an impressive looking snake). It was a lucky shot I was out on my bike early one morning and it was crossing a quiet country road, that is probably one of my personal favourites. Other than that, like you, I am never sure which photos are my favourites.


  3. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    A beautiful capture with such detail – nature photography, especially of insects, is pretty trick but so fun! #MySundayPhoto

  4. Bees are so hard to get fully in focus. They are very satisfying to capture though. So much intricate detail on their bodies and wings. Fantastic photo! #MySundayPhoto

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