Ever tried taking a photo of a butterfly?

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Here’s a question for you. Have you ever tried taking a photograph of a butterfly?

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A butterfly takes a rest on a plant in among a field of grass.

As you can tell from the picture above, I tried it earlier this week. Trying to successfully get an image of a butterfly was incredibly difficult because they move so fast.

I returned to the same place where I took this image of a pyramidal orchid. It’s an area of grassland teeming with insect life and my aim was to snap a butterfly.

I had to pay three visits. First time around I forgot to put a memory card in my camera, second time the lens I had on the camera didn’t focus quickly enough and so all the images were blurred.

On the final attempt, I got this image. I was hoping to photograph a more colourful butterfly. By this point, however, I’d learned just how difficult it is to photograph butterflies so I gathered this would probably be the best I would get!

I’m very happy with the detail. While not as colourful as I hoped, you can see the legs, antennae and fine hairs on the wings.

As I usually do at this time of the week, I have linked this image to the #MySUndayPhoto linky hosted on the superb Photalife.com blog. I encourage you to click on the badge below to visit the linky to see examples of photography from other bloggers.

Oh, and just a little word to any regular readers of Dadbloguk. I have something very special indeed going on the blog tomorrow (26 June, 2017) at 1700hrs. Please do stop by around then if you can!


26 thoughts on “Ever tried taking a photo of a butterfly?”

  1. Butterflies and insects in general are extremely difficult to photograph. I enjoy the challenge, but it can also become frustrating! Well done on that shot, you captured it beautifully!

  2. Well done on capturing it! I have tried before and it takes a bit of patience, but I have managed to get some pics. I always want the money shot with the wings wide open, but they stay like that for a fraction of a second!

    1. I tired repeatedly for the wings open shot but no, it wasn’t to be! This was the next best thing but it has proven to be popular.

    1. It took me a while to capture this one. My advice: use the correct lens and make sure you have a memory card in the camera. I was guilty of making both mistakes while trying to capture this shot.

    1. Thanks Carol. One of the things I tried to photograph was housemartins coming in and out of a nest as it happens. Being in the eaves of a house, the images all came out that tiny bit too dark. Something to try in future I guess?

  3. As you probably know by now, I love taking photos of butterflies. I’m desperate to get a swallowtail this year but I’m fast running out of time. Your photo is lovely. I’m glad you go there in the end.

    1. Took me a good few attempts, but I was glad I persevered. Must go and check out some of your butterfly images.

  4. Hi John, it sounds like your Sunday photo planning is very much like mine! Butterflies (and bumblebees) are b*****s to photograph well. You obviously crept up on this one’s blind side, nice tactics! I bet if its wings were open it would be quite a colourful creature.


    1. Not sure how I crept up on its blind side. I certainly managed to scare a lot of its friends away in the process!

  5. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    Great capture – bees and butterflies in particular are tricky ones to photograph. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Well I look forard to seeing your similar picture in the very near future! Good to know I’m not the only person who finds it difficult to capture butterflies.

  6. The only open wing butterfly shots I’ve managed has been when they are warming themselves on a wall or fence. Our meadow is full of Meadow Browns too. Soon as you point your camera,they are gone. #MySundayPhoto

  7. Congratulations on this great capture John…they can be very pesky critters and I’ve spent many hours trying to capture them and especially bees! They are so intent on their task and are never still!
    Congrats on the Steve Carell interview too ;D

  8. That’s fantastic, it is SOOO hard to get a very still capture of one, especially with its wings like that

  9. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Always lovely to see a butterfly though I’m lucky with huge Buddleias in my garden I get to photograph them a lot during the Summer 🙂 Will miss my long dog walks this year though and the abundance of varieties to see.

  10. The fact that the first 2 attempts were either technical or human error the fact you got this on the third time is amazing. Great shot considering how difficult they are to photograph anyway!
    Sorry for the late comment. Hope to see you tomorrow #mysundayphoto

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