The corridors of power

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I appreciate it may be a cliché, but this photograph genuinely represents the corridors of power. Well, okay, corridor of power would be more accurate, but you get the point. It’s the passageway that links the cavernous Westminster Hall with the Central Lobby between the House of Commons and House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster in London.

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This image, taken in the Palace of Westminster, might look like a drawing, but it is a photograph.

Although I took several images in colour, I felt this one looked rather special when I de-saturated it and removed all the colour. It looks more like an illustration or painting.

The thing that surprised me when I l took a long look at the picture was the position of the lights. I was stood right in the middle of the corridor when I took the pictures so I can’t quite explain why they veer to the left.

As it happens, I have a theory about that. If you’ve ever visited the Palace of Westminster, you’ll know it’s a huge, sprawling, antiquated place (it’s a dreadful place to run a modern democracy and should really be turned over the National Trust, but that’s a whole other argument).

I have a funny feeling that I may have been in the centre of the corridor looking straight ahead, but that the corridor itself, or maybe even the ceiling, is wonky. I know the only people who will believe that statement will be people who have visited the Palace of Westminster. If you’re one of them, you’ll know what I mean!

There’s also quite a funny story about this photo. There are various places where photography is forbidden. There were no signs in this corridor saying I shouldn’t take photos but I obviously dawdled a little bit too long because I was approached by a security guard who ushered me off to the event I was meant to be attending!

Do you like the way the image looks like it’s an illustration? Have you been to the Place of Westminster before and if so, what did you think of it?

2 thoughts on “The corridors of power”

  1. Hi John, I do like the photo and the wonkiness adds character. Looking at the photo it could have been taken in a different era, but the lights are a giveaway. It also looks . little bit creepy and not a place I would like to be after dark.


    1. To be honest with you Debbie the Palace of Westminster is a dreadful place in daytime, let alone night! Glad you like the pic though. There is something quite unique about it I feel.

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