#CountryKids A walk along Brighton seafront

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CountryKids, #CountryKids, Brighton
Toddler Adams enjoying the beach at Brighton.

I’m not sure #CountryKids is the correct linky for this picture, #CoastalKids might be more fitting as it shows Toddler Adams on a recent trip to Brighton.

It was sunny at first and we walked quite some distance along the beach. Just before this picture was taken she ate a massive ice cream and so there was a lot of sugar to burn off.

Fun was also had paddling in the sea but unfortunately the weather turned later in the day and we had to seek shelter in a nearby café. Although that was slightly disappointing, we enjoyed ourselves, most of the time spent outside, and the little mite slept incredibly well that night.

Alas, I think it unlikely I’ll be able to undertake such a trip for a short while. As this blog post reveals, a few days ago I broke the little toe of my left in a freak incident involving an ironing board. Although I’ve been told it should bear weight as this will help it heal, I think I’d find it very uncomfortable and painful. Until it’s healed I think I will have to forget about long walks in the country or day trips to Brighton.

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8 thoughts on “#CountryKids A walk along Brighton seafront”

  1. I’ve been along brighton beach several times and I’ll never forget the pebbles. Sorry to hear you’re injured but I’m glad you got this adventure in before hand.

  2. Ouch on the toe.

    So nice to be able to spend time on the coast. I’m thinking of a weekend in Brighton with N in June. Have only been to Hove, but less of a trek for us than further south west or east

    1. We go occasionally, but car parking is irritatingly expensive. It’s only an hour away though so it’s convenient.

  3. Brighton is such a fun day out it’s great that Toddler Adams enjoyed her trip to the beach. It’s a shame the weather turned and you couldn’t finish off your trip on the beach but at least you got an excuse to nip to a local café. I hope your little toe gets better soon and more outdoor fun can ensue. Thanks for linking up on Country Kids.

  4. I’m not sure there’s anything disappointing in having to find shelter in a cafe. Sounds like the right way to end a walk to me! #countrykids

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