Etnies: Trainers for the active dad this Fathers’ Day #AD

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With Fathers’ Day just a couple of weeks away, trainer specialist Etnies is showing off its ‘dad friendly’ attributes. Originally made to appeal to skaters, Etnies is stressing they are ideal for the ‘active dad’ lifestyle. Needing trainers for the summer months, I tried them out to see if they live up to this claim.

Pair of Etnies trainers
Fresh out the box: Etnies Lo-Cut CB trainers.

I say Itried them out, but we’ve done a bit more than that as a family. My daughters Helen and Izzy joined me by trying out the Etnies Lo-Cut CB style of trainers.

John Adams of Dadbloguk wearing Etnies trainers
Look at the shoes, not my face (Note to self: Do not have your picture taken while staring into the sun!).

When I took them out of the box I thought they looked special. They’re a casual style trainer featuring a lace-up fastening and with a suede and textile upper. They also have a rubber sole which is black on the children’s shoes and white with Etnies logo on the adult version.

Etnies shoes
Helen modelling her pair of Lo-Cut CB trainers. You’ll see she did the laces up in a unique fashion.

The trainers certainly turned heads. The children have had a couple of socially distanced playdates while wearing their trainers and each time they’ve been commented on.

sole of a child's shoe
Note the sole of Helen’s shoes, they’re a different colour to the adult version and feature a different grip.
sole of a man's shoe
As a comparison, this is the sole of the adult trainers.

You may be wondering how much these trainers cost. At the time of writing, you could expect to pay around £65 for men’s or women’s Lo-Cut CB trainers while the children’s come in at around£42.

Child wearing Etnies trainers
Izzy looks wistfully into the distance, probably wondering what to get her dad for Fathers’ Day.

Other ranges include Calli-Cut and the Joslin, all of which are a similar price (give or take a few pounds). All styles are available online direct from Etnies.

men's shoes
Look out for this label on Etnies trees to contribute to its Buy a Shoe Plane a Tree campaign.

I should also say a few words about Etnies Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree campaign. If you buy certain ranges of Etnies shoes, the company will plant a tree. It’s a scheme the manufacturer has been operating since 2011 and thus far, 1.8 million trees have been planted in three continents. Look out for the label like the one in the image above.

In conclusion, the Lo-Cut CB are very comfortable and I have worn them while cycling, running, walking and doing all the usual active ‘dad stuff’. My kids, meanwhile, have run wild on playdates and had all sorts of fun wearing them.

They are very comfortable and very good quality. There are cheaper options out there, but I do always feel it is worth paying a few extra pounds for good quality shoes. If you are thinking of a getting a pair as a Father’s Day gift I;m sure they’d be received well.

2 thoughts on “Etnies: Trainers for the active dad this Fathers’ Day #AD”

  1. They look great, very stylish. So how do they fair up comfort wise for the active father?

    The kids range look cool. Love the buy a pair plant a tree

    1. Well Eddie, I’ve been wearing them for typical dad activities (you know, going shopping, chasing kids around a park etc) and so far, they’ve faired very well! They’re also get a LOT of admiring looks and queries as to what the shoes are.

      I think I have fallen a little bit in love with Etnies!

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