A photo taken a lifetime ago

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It’s been one of those week’s where I haven’t had much time for photography. This photograph of a frost-covered spider’s web has been on a memory card ever since I took the image back in December.

Frost covered spider's web
I took this picture of a frosty spider’s web a few months ago, but it feels like a lifetime!

I’ve been meaning to edit it ever since but finally got around to it this week. As I was editing it, I couldn’t help feeling it felt like a lifetime ago!

At the time I took the picture, we were gearing up for Izzy’s Nativity play at school, Helen was handing out invites for a small Christmas party she was having and Mrs Adams and I were thinking about the drive up to Scotland, where we were to spend Christmas visiting her family.

Six short months later and none of those activities would be possible! How times change hey?

Anyway, the image was taken on a very frosty morning. I spent ages taking photographs of this and other webs. I was drawn to them because of the detail on the webs. In this particular photograph, I like the contrast with the colours of the sky and office buildings in the background (if you like this image, you might also like this one of a house reflected in a water droplet hanging off a cobweb).

Why didn’t I have time to do much photography this week? Well, I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel the world is waking back up following the lockdown slumber. We’re preparing for our eldest to return to school (I have mixed feelings about this, but do feel it’s the correct thing to do). We’ve also been doing some informal preparations for Helen to get her ready for high school which she starts in September and I’m doing more freelance work than I was back in April and May. A slightly quieter this week wouldn’t go amiss!

For those of you into blogging and photography, be advised I have added this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky. It’s hosted by Darren Coleshill’s photography blog and it features images taken by other bloggers. Do follow this link for more.

13 thoughts on “A photo taken a lifetime ago”

  1. Beautiful photo and amazing to think how much things have changed. I can’t believe Helen is old enough for high school! What a crazy time to be making that transition. I hope it goes ok.

  2. Love the detail you’ve captured in the web. I think lockdown would have been so much harder if it had been in Winter when the chance to get outside would be less of an option.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

    1. Oh good grief, a winter lockdown would have been horrendous. Thanks for hosting #MySundayPhoto darren.

  3. I’m finding unless I go looking to take photo’s it’s all just the cat and dog, but I struggle for inspiration most days anyway, lockdown and expat life aren’t that different for me. #mysundayphoto

    1. Yes, it is difficult to find inspiring scenes when you can’t travel anywhere. I know exactly what you mean.

    1. return to school went okay as it happens Sarah. Summer this year will be interesting, that’s for sure.

  4. Oh I love frost on spiderwebs. I find it fascinating and beautiful. This photo is right up my street. It is amazing how quickly the weather changes. xx

  5. It looks like a piece of jewellery. I always want to capture a spider’s web like this. What a great shot. I also haven’t had time to take many photos either this week. I hope back to school went well? #project365

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