Falling over in muddy puddles

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At first glance, it might not seem my kids are enjoying themselves in this photograph. While neither of them intended to get quite so dirty, let me assure you they were having the most amazing time in this extremely muddy and deep puddle. After all, kids love muddy puddles, right?

There isn’t a complex story behind this image. It was one of those days where the television had been on just a little bit too long and I felt the family needed to get some fresh air. Mrs Adams and I bundled our offsprng into the car and we went for a walk alongside a footpath at a nearby farm.

The kids saw some horses and a couple of trains whizz by on a nearby rail line. The wife of the farmer then happened to stroll past and pointed out this puddle.

Well, I hardly need to tell you what happened next, do I? Both big sister Helen and Toddler Adams tentatively waded through it. Slowly but surely the excitemt built up and they started jumping, Mrs Adams looking on and becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

It wasn’t that long before Helen fell over on to her bottom, getting her trousers and coat covered in mud. Toddler Adams followed very soon after and this picture shows the moment it happened. I thought it was hilarious and, thankfully, Mrs Adams saw the funny side once both kids were plastered with mud.

The kids were hosed down as soon as we got home and given some hot chocolate as a treat. They loved this particular walk and we’ll probably do it again this weekend at some point.

I’m linking this post to the #CountryKids linky hosted by the Coombe Mill blog. It’s the first time I’ve taken part in this linky and, who knows, maybe it’ll become a regular thing?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

16 thoughts on “Falling over in muddy puddles”

  1. Kriss MacDonald

    Mud, glorious mud! We try to avoid it and kids are drawn to it. Great capturing Toddler Adams and Helen just at the moment they were enjoying the puddle. On a recent cold day I put the snowsuits on my kids which meant my son decided to take rests during a walk stretched out in the mud.

  2. I love this photo. They look like they are practising for bog snorkelling (always wanted to go and watch that particularly bonkers competitive sport…). Don’t envy the clean up operation afterwards but definitely looks worth it for the fun! #countrykids

  3. What could be better than getting some fresh air and coming home caked in mud? It’s great that your two had a great time splashing about in the puddle and you all managed to get some fresh air together. I bet they’re both excited to get out there again and see what muddy puddles they can find. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  4. It’s also my first week this week.

    I must admit I really need to get over my fear of messiness and mud etc with toddlers

  5. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Yay to #CountryKids! And a yay (from the kids) to muddy puddles, while we (the parents) collectively look on in horror as we contemplate the change of clothes we failed to pack and the mess they’re going to make when they get back into the car. But at least they’re having fun! It does put a genuine smile on my face seeing my kids splash around in puddles and having outdoor fun. All the more reason to link with Coombe Mill, which I must do very soon.

  6. I love how this is a completely natural image. Nothing staged about it and I am sure that they had a whale of a time.

    I would be beside myself if the girls ended up in the mud but my mom tells me that a speck of dirt never hurt anyone!

    Found you through #CountryKids

  7. This is brilliant John, I bet they had the best time 🙂 I’m not sure the washing machine will have been quite so happy, but I’m sure it was worth it! Muddy puddles are great fun, and what kid can resist?! #countrykids

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