Going to the moon, My Sunday Photo 11/1/15

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This photo proves that spending huge amounts of money on Christmas presents is a waste of time. The two expensive presents bought for Helen by mum and dad have remained largely untouched for the past two weeks. This cardboard box, meanwhile, has been turned into a space rocket.

Helen loves her space rocket. You can’t see it, but on the inside there’s a computer screen and even a storage facility for keeping sausages and ecky ecky fruit, which is popular with aliens (apparently).

I love it when Helen does this kind of thing. With just a tiny bit of inspiration she can be so imaginative. This box arrived at the house with a delivery and almost as soon as it was emptied she was explaining how she wanted to cut holes in it “like a space rocket”.

To give her some inspiration we watched a YouTube video of the Apollo 11 space mission take off. Having heard one of the Apollo 11 astronauts say the rocket shook while taking off, it was my job to shake Helen’s space craft every time she pretended she was blasting off into space.

Needless to say, teh space rocket hasn’t left the living room since this item was created about a week ago. As for her presents, I couldn’t even tell you where they were.

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25 thoughts on “Going to the moon, My Sunday Photo 11/1/15”

  1. And what a cool space rocket it is. I love that they have so much imagination. Brilliant idea having the storage facility too

  2. Great photo. I can’t wait for mine to be old enough to play like this (at the moment she eats anything cardboard!) I hope you had fun making it too. Love the details on the inside.

  3. Cardboard boxes are the best!

    In my house they usually become trains, and his toy boxes the carriages, (after he’s emptied the toys all over the living room floor of course).

    Once the inevitable breakage happens, they then get flattened out and become a canvas.

    Just remember, cardboard and socks don’t play well together when you’re running around the living room.

  4. My kids prefer boxes to their toys. I might aswell give them to charity. I was the same as a kid though so cant talk. Boxes are great fun.

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