Four dad blogs everyone should read

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I am today doing something very different on the blog. I am recommending some dad blogs I think everyone should read and I’ve also put together a short video about my recommended blogs.


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Here are four daddy bloggers I think everyone should be familiar with.

I’ve been inspired to do this for two reasons. Firstly, I am occasionally approached and asked to recommend other dad blogs so thought I should put forward some ideas.

Second, the frankly awesome dad blogger Darren Coleshill (see below) put together a video suggesting a few of his favourites the other day. After a brief chat on Facebook with Darren, I thought I’d give this a go myself (for the record, Darren is well aware I have done this).

First things first, here is the video. Please do watch it and let me know what you think.

Who have I recommended? In no particular order I have suggested;

Nigel Higgins who writes Diydaddyblog.com. Nigel has five kids ranging from four to 21 years of age and has had, at times, a challenging life. He is a fantastic writer and his love for his kids really comes through in his writing.

Nick King who writes Nickkingsworld.com. Nick is a gay, adoptive dad who lives with his partner, J. Nick shines a light on two areas of the parenting world I feel are often overlooked; adoption and same sex parents. Nick’s blog follows the journey as his two kids settle into a stable family life after leaving troubled homes and spending years with foster families. It’s incredibly powerful stuff and some of it will leave you moist eyed.

Paptont.com is written by military man Tony. Tony is no stranger to this blog having written this guest post last year. A dad of two, Tony was inspired to write when he became disillusioned with fatherhood and how he overcame it. His family has had its struggles, especially over recent months, and Tony writes with breathtaking honesty.

Finally, I have to recommend everyone follows the blogging wonder that is Darren Coleshill. Not content with the one blog, he now has two; LoveallDads.co.uk, where he writes about family life and parenting and Photalife.com, his photography blog. Darren is increasingly to be found on YouTube and is also one of the driving forces behind the LoveAllDads podcast.

Depending on the response I get to this post and video, I may make this a regular feature over the summer months. If you’d like to recommend any great dad blogs, please leave a comment below with your suggestions.

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21 thoughts on “Four dad blogs everyone should read”

  1. Ally Mother Under Measure

    I love it when bloggers support each other like this :). I also LOVE Nick King, he is so funny! X

    1. Ally Mother Under Measure

      I should add I actually love all of them, but Nick needed a little extra mention coz he makes me chuckle! The rest of you guys are awesome too xxx

  2. Thank you John I am incredibly flattered and honoured to be mentioned by you and to be included with other such fantastic dad bloggers is awesome. Absolutely love the vlog gave me goosebumps with your very kind words. It’s an understatement to say that I’m gobsmacked truly am thank you again.

    1. I was delighted to include you Nigel. You’re an awesome writer. Never before have I given a man goosebumps. Perhaps we should keep this between ourselves?

  3. I only recognise 2 of these Dad bloggers – Nige and Papatont but I’m a big fan of both. Will check out the others post haste! #brillblogposts

    1. Thoroughly recommend you check out Nick King’s blog and Darren Coleshil’s blogs. Both are superb. Glad I’ve been able to introduce you to a couple of new ones.

    1. Thanks you Victoria, us dads do indeed help each other out from time to time! Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope i@m a legend for the correct reasons!

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