Free as a bird

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This slightly grainy image was taken aboard a cross channel ferry the other day. Mrs Adams, the kids and I plus a couple of friends went over to Calais for the day, an event that has become something of a school holiday tradition (see also this post).

On the return crossing, this seagull flew alongside the ferry for miles and miles, eventually settling down and taking refuge on the car deck. It seemed to be attracted by people on the outside deck who were eating food.

I like this image because of the balance of sea and sky. While I imagine the life of a seagull to be quite brutal, the shot suggests freedom. The fact the image is a bit grainy simply adds character in my opinion.

Now for the important bit; the technical details. I didn’t have my camera with me so this was shot on my iPhone. Aperture was set at f2.4, focal length 4mm, ISO 50 (it was a very bright day) and shutter speed 1/3623 of a second.

What do you think? Do you like the image? Does it say “freedom” to you? Leave a comment below, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


13 thoughts on “Free as a bird”

  1. I had a bit of de javu reading your post. It’s like I’ve read it before … parts of it anyway.

    O yes, it denotes freedom, the freedom to take off and land wherever, to go whereever, and whenever it suits too. Lovely pic and good job folks were eating enough to attract it so that you could photograph it. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Ha ha, yes, I never thought my family would develop quite such a love of Calais but they have done. Think maybe we’d better get more adventurous and move on to Paris.

  2. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    “And this bird you cannot change…
    Won’t you fly high high free bird yeh’


    Jumps around the room with air Fender Strat.

    Nice pic. It certainly does represent freedom, particularly knowing the context – miles out at sea. That said, there’s freedom, and there’s being in dire need of an A to Z. Was this dude hopelessly lost and totally relieved to see signs of life on board the ship? (I realise it was a ferry – ‘ship’ just sounded better).

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