Dad and daughter completing a fun run

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Fun Run, #CountryKids

Here is a picture of my eldest daughter, Helen, and I. Don’t be misled by the Land Rover or Transit van in the background; they were stationery and not about to mow us down. We were, in fact, celebrating having just completed a fun run together.

It was a simple one kilometre run and Helen ran the entire thing with me as chaperone. In fact I felt very proud of her because I’m sure she came in within the first third of runners and way ahead of many of the grown ups!

The Easter egg Helen is holding was a little gift all runners received for completing the run. You won’t be surprised to hear that Helen’s has been consigned to history. Mine remains untouched, although I’ll donate it to the kids at some point.

Running is the main way I choose to keep fit. Once upon a time I was very good and completed the British 10K in 49 minutes. Sadly an old injury came back to haunt me about seven years ago and these days I stick to short distances. I rarely run for more than three kilometres but it’s better than nothing and I’m very happy to encourage my daughter to exercise and keeping fit.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

11 thoughts on “Dad and daughter completing a fun run”

  1. What a proud moment! Sorry to hear you can’t run far these days, but good to hear you do keep going. I would hate it if I couldn’t run. You won’t be surprised to learn that I love running with my kids too. I’m desperate for us all to do Parkrun together, but none of them are keen to get up early on a Saturday!

    1. I can’t say I’m too surprised to hear you love running with the kids. Sure when they have kids of their own they’ll be gettting up early enough to run with you Sarah!

  2. Iona@Redpeffer

    A lovely moment. It’s a shame that you’re not able to run those distances anymore but great to see that you have found a way to keep running and now enjoy it with your children too.

  3. This is great! I run too, and love it, and was thrilled last weekend when my 8yo asked if he could run with me. We did a run/walk first try on Sunday (didn’t want to put him off!), and he did so well, we did two miles 🙂 Well done to your daughter, it’s great to see them wanting to get out and keep fit x

    1. Glad your eight year old is a convert. I hope my daughter stays with it also. So important to encourage the youngsters to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  4. I am so impressed with 10k in 49 minutes! I’m a big runner too but also now confined to just a few k, though looking at your speeds I think I was more a long distance plodder! Lovely to see the next generation enjoying it too, even if just as a fun run and inspired by chocolate! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. The chocolate may have bene an incetive, but Helen s a very competitive little individual! She may have taken part anyway!!

  5. I do run before but an injury made me stopped. I tried going back and was surprise to find that I can really go back. But the weather. This is still too cold for me and I dont have a winter kit. I cant wait to go back to running!

    Congrats on this finish =) #countrykids

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