Highland landscape

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I rarely take landscape images, but this was an exception. When I find a photogenic landscape, I usually discover someone else has already taken the picture and made a postcard from it. I thought, however, that I would share this Highland landscape image which I took on our recent family jaunt to Scotland.

A Highland landscape taken near Oban in Scotland.
A Highland Landscape. I could have taken photographs here all day.

I wish I could tell you I was able to go for a walk along that river and to the top of that hill. Alas, this picture is a phone snap that was taken during a very brief stop at a side of the road.

In fact I had to take it very quickly because the rest of the family was in the car waiting for me. I knew I only had a quick moment to take the pictures before someone, if not everyone, started whinging at me!

For me, it just has a bit of everything. There’s blue sky, sun-flare, lush green grass and even a river. It may not be a prize-winning picture, but it a lovely scene and one that brings back memories of a very enjoyable trip north of the border. I hope you enjoy the image a smuch as I do.

A quick note for any bloggers reading this. I have added this picture to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Darren Coleshill photography blog. Follow this link to take a look.

19 thoughts on “Highland landscape”

    1. Highlands can be amazingly photogenic. This was just a quick snap. With time I could have taken something a lot better I’m sure.

  1. My lot whinge at me none stop about everything, I don’t take any notice of them whinging. I’ve spent enough time hanging around sports pitches and airports over the years. Love how the sun’s rays are draped over the hill

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