Clean Living: cleaning product review & giveaway #AD

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Like many families, we recently watched David Attenborough’s documentary A life on Our Planet. While I’ve always tried to live an environmentally-friendly life, I concede I could do more. A Life on Our Planet persuaded me to pay attention to the cleaning products we use. It’s one aspect of our family life I’d failed to address despite meaning to for some considerable time. I was then made aware of the Clean Living range of products and felt the need to give them a go.

the Clean Living Complete Cleaning Kit, filled with environmentally friendly cleaning products  from Clean Living International
The Clean Living ‘Complete Cleaning Kit.’ read on for more information about this environmentally-friendly cleaning range and to find out how you could win one of these kits.

Clean Living cleaning products are largely plant-based, are not tested on animals and they are biodegradable. What’s more, Clean Living products are produced and designed to keep waste to a minimum and one lucky reader of Dadbloguk stands to win a Complete Cleaning Kit bundle worth £43.99.

Before I get on to the details of the giveaway (see below), here’s a bit more background to the products. I’ve been putting them through their paces to find out just how well they work and I’m delighted to tell you how they’ve performed.

Complete Cleaning Kit

First things first, I was using Complete Cleaning Kit. This featured the following items:

  • Six empty, reusable aluminium bottles (more about the bottles in a moment)
  • Six sachets of concentrated cleaning products (glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner and degreaser, bin odour eliminator, odour and spot remover) plus drain maintainer and dry carpet cleaner
  • Three microfibre cloths
  • A cleaning brush
  • Cardboard caddy for carrying everything in.

Those bottles and sachets

Those reusable aluminium bottles and sachets are at the core of the clean Clean Living approach. Most household cleaners come in single-use plastic bottles that and are transported to shops in large, fuel-hungry lorries. Every step of the way they cause damage to the environment and the irony is that most of what is in those plastic bottles is water.

Clean Living products come in concentrated lightweight sachets. You order them online (or set up a subscription) and when they arrive, you pour the sachets into the bottle and dilute it with water, creating 300ml of cleaning solution. Better still, the sachets arrive with a pre-paid envelope. You pop the used sachets into the envelope and return them to be recycled.

Reusable aluminum bottles for household cleaning products from Clean Living.
The refillable, reusable aluminium bottles.

How the products performed

You might imagine that plant-based cleaners might not perform very well compared to those relying on hardcore chemicals. As it happens, the plant-based, bio cleaners held their own very well. Here’s how I got on with them.

Kitchen cleaner and degreaser

This was the first product I used and I threw this bad boy in at the deep end. What impact would it make on our hob? The hob was not in a good way. It was greasy with some odd bits of food that had seemingly been spot-welded in place.

Dirty kitchen hob.
The hob, prior to being cleaned.

In fact the hob came up very well. Since that first outing I have used it to clean up food spillages, drink spillages and used it to clean the kitchen sink and taps, wipe down surfaces. Thus far, I’m yet to find any kind of kitchen clear-up job this product has been unable to handle.  

Clean kitchen hob.
The hob, after it had been cleaned.

Glass cleaner

When I first used this, I only intended to clean the one mirror and try it out again a few days later. It actually ignited a cleaning frenzy that took me from the bottom to top of the house cleaning almost every single window and mirror I came across.

Sure, you need to rub quite vigorously to avoid any smears but that’s no different to any other window cleaning product. It did as good a job as anything similar I’ve used in the past, but it was reassuring to know the cleaning agents were all natural and so more subtle and environmentally friendly.

Bathroom cleaner

From the family shower to sinks and lavatory lids, the bathroom cleaner has dealt with everything I have thrown at it. In fact, it dealt with a particularly nasty build up of soap scum that I had been ignoring (for far too long) along the edge of the bath. Taps also came up very well when I used this product on them.

I think you’d probably still want to use a cream cleaner to compliment this bathroom cleaner and to clean up things like spilled toothpastes. For day to day cleaning, however, I have no complaints whatsoever.

Multi-purpose cleaner

I have used this inside and outside the house on a variety of surfaces: Varnished wood, metal, uPVC and so on. It’s cleaned everything I’ve asked it to from bird’s mess on the outside of the house (yes really) to Nutella that somehow got smeared on the living room door, not to unidentifiable dirt on light switches. It’s cleaned everything without leaving any smears and without damaging any surfaces, a problem I have had with other household cleaners. Again, I have been very happy with the results.

Biological bin odour eliminator

Nobody likes to talk about bin odour do they? More often than, this is an issue we have had to deal with during the summer months. Even so, I’ve used it on our recycling bins, food recycling bin and waste bin.  It did exactly as it said on the bottle: It removed the odours! You simply spray a small amount in the bin, leave it for a few minutes and wipe dry. Voila! Your bin will smell floral instead of honking.

Other products in the caddy

The caddy also includes: Biological odour and spot remover, limescale remover and dry carpet cleaner. I haven’t had any reason to use these items. Based on performance of other products, I would expect them to work very well.

Cost, final thoughts and further information

I was also happier using products like this in a family home. I’ve been getting increasingly concerned about all the chemicals in many household cleaners. I worry about the possible impact on my children, not to mention my wife and I. This was one clear benefit of the Clean Living range.

Clean Living’s products are concentrated and come in recyclable sachets like this. Simply pour into your reusable bottle and add water.

If you are interested in Clean Living products, you need to be prepared to pay out a small amount up front to get yourself set up. Once you have invested in the reusable bottles or the Complete Cleaning Kit, it gets much cheaper.

If you buy a Complete Cleaning Kit, you’ll get everything you need for most day-to-day cleaning jobs for £43.99. You can also buy cleaning sets individually. The glass cleaner starter kit, for instance, costs £7.99 and comprises of an aluminium bottle, cleaning cloth and sachet of cleaner.

If you set up a subscription to buy sachets of cleaning products at regular intervals, it gets cheaper still. The kitchen, glass and multi-surface cleaners can all be bought for £1.97 a sachet and can be delivered monthly, every two months or every quarter.

You have to allow for the initial outlay on the Complete Clean Kit or the individual cleaning kits. Aside from that initial outlay, Clean Living really isn’t any more expensive that buying branded products from the supermarket.

Performance wise, I found Clean Living’s range worked very well. You also have peace of mind, knowing your choice of cleaning products are much easier on the environment.

To find out more about Clean Living or to buy items from the product range, pay a visit to its website.

Giveaway details

As I said at the start of this post, one Dadbloguk reader will win a Clean Living Complete Cleaning Kit. Simply enter via the Gleam below. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post explaining why you like the sound of  Clean Living. You also have an option to tweet about the giveaway to get an extra entry.  

Please note, the competition ends at 1159hrs on 27 October, 2020. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age. Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 72 hours or another winner will be selected.

203 thoughts on “Clean Living: cleaning product review & giveaway #AD”

  1. Love the results! Also, products like this are better for my husband as they don’t have all the rubbish in that give him migraines

  2. I’d like to cut down on the amount of chemical products used for daily cleaning in our house. Love the sound of these environmentally friendly products and would be up for trying, and replacing, the ones I currently use!

    1. I love that it’s eco friendly as we should all be conscious about our impact on the environment and simple switches to product like this are great first steps

  3. Caroline J Robinson

    The results seem fab!
    I’m really interested to try the limescale remover as we live in a hard water area, also no one likes to put the rubbish out due to the smelly bins, and in summer they was rank, hopefully I get to try these products out and see for myself if they are that good as we all like CLEAN LIVING!!!

  4. The drain maintainer sounds great, as my kids are always tipping scraps down the sink hole! I love they are earth friendly!

  5. What I like about the range is that they are environmentally friendly and you get a wide range of cleaners for different purposes.

  6. It’s so difficult to find eco friend cleaning products that actually work! I like that they’re refillable too.

  7. I like the fact they are reusable aluminium bottles that you put sachets into. I feel bad when I recycle the plastic bottles.

  8. The thing i like best about the products is they come in reusable bottles. I get so tired of all the plastic around too. Very reasonable costs once you have the initial outlay. I shall browse the website further

  9. I love that the bottles and top up sachets are eco friendly. I think the amount of products available is overkill though. A big tub of white vinegar, citric acid, bicarb of soda and lemon will do most jobs around the house.

  10. I like the fact that they seem to be minimising plastic in their packaging. This is a big issue that needs more attention.

  11. Anything that helps protect the planet but still leaves my house sparkling clean is worth a try. I’ve been using another eco-friendly brand for the last year and it smells amazing! I’d love to try this.

  12. Sarah-Jane Carter

    I love how there is no harmful chemicals in the products and totally environmentally friendly these products are x

  13. Kristie Metcalfe

    We are trying to be as eco friendly as possible in our house, so the cleaning products would be a welcome addition!

  14. I love the fact that the reusable bottles are aluminium. A lot of reusable/recyclable containers are now made of glass, and I don’t like the idea of using glass bottles when I’m cleaning as they are slippery when wet and can shatter on a kitchen or bathroom floor if i drop them.

  15. Love to try this, be great if we had similar results using more eco friendly products. Be good to try the glass cleaner on the mirror and windows.

  16. I’ve never seen this brand before. I have swapped over to Method because they are more environmentally friendly and less toxic as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win these products! 😀 X

  17. I think we all need to make an effort to be enviromentally friendly. To be honest I haven’t heard of this brand before and it would be nice to try it.

  18. Most cleaning product generate so much unnecessary waste,I love to reuse and repurpose things as much as possible

  19. Climate change is very real, and very scary, we all have to be making very real changes now to make a difference, so I love companies like this who make it affordable and enjoyable.

  20. I love any way that I can cut down on my use of plastics, so I like the fact that you can reuse these bottles and that they are eco friendly.

  21. I like that the bottles are not made of plastic. It always seems like a contradiction when “green2 brands use plastic packaging.

  22. I love that the bottles and refillable and are made of aluminium, and that all of the products are kinder to our world!

  23. Victoria Prince

    I love the fact the products are biodegradable. I also particularly like that they’ve made the bottles from aluminium rather than plastic

  24. Sammi McSporran

    I like that its all eco-friendly, so I dont have to worry about killing the earth just to keep my house clean 😛

  25. We’re all trying to do our bit to save the Environment – little things like this make all the difference. Would love to give these products a try.

  26. I like the idea of using effective cleaning products in reusable containers. I’m very fond of spray bottles because they’re so convenient.

  27. Anthea Holloway

    Wow – this sounds like a super idea and so eco-friendly and easy to use. I shall definitely look into this.

  28. The main thing is that it is environmentally friendly so it would be good to try it to see what it is like., especially at a time when keeping the house clean and safe for our family is so important.

  29. I’d love to try these products – I do try to be as eco as I can and these would help me go further. They would also not give me a headache the way some “normal” products do.

  30. I’m trying to live better (switched to cloth nappies, reuseable wipes, bamboo straws, beeswax wraps) and I love that these are both green and really making zn effort over plastic. Lots of greenwashing going on atm but its clear this brand is genuine x

  31. Absolutely love that the sachets are recyclable. I’ve been working hard this year trying to reduce our household waste so they sound right up my street.

  32. I just love that they are environmentally friendly which is something im very conscious of. These would also be great for where we live as less harmful chemicals equals a happier septic tank ????

  33. Michelle Lewis-Robertson

    I am excited about all products as chemicals give me headaches and I’m searching for new ones that won’t do that

  34. Chemical-free has to become the norm as we go forward. So, so much to do – but generations ahead need to see some effort to keep up.

  35. My grandkids are my teachers in this area, as they learn at school, and bring it on home to me. I like that these will please our kids and help make their futures better x

  36. Ohh these are great I’d be over the moon to win these.. Esp now its half term, the house has been very neglected and needs a big clean once the kids return back to school, fab bundle of goodies

  37. I love that these products are plant based and kind to the environment and I would love the chance to try them out!

  38. Charlotte Burle

    These look fab. Not only would they help the environment but the concentrated sachets would mean I need to go to the shops to buy cleaner less. Win win!

  39. As well as being eco friendly they will be more gentle to my family as we all have sensitive skin and are allergy prone

  40. So many cleaning products are damaging in some way; it’s great to hear of a company who consider this and find ways around it.

  41. I am so desperate to find something that will get rid of the horrid limescale/yuck around the toiler rim.. It’s an old toilet but our housing refuse to change it….. I would be eternally grateful…. x

  42. I love that it’s eco friendly as we should all be conscious about our impact on the environment and simple switches to product like this are great first steps

  43. Faridah Brooker

    I love the fact you just use a concentrate and top up with water. You’re not transporting water. Natural ingredients are always best.

  44. I like that they are plant based and have refillable bottles so it’s eco friendly. The subscription service sounds good too.

  45. You can rest easy knowing that the scents you are breathing in are made from pure organic and all-natural ingredients. Most eco-friendly cleaning products come in a variety of natural fragrances to keep your home smelling pleasant.

  46. Charmian Filewood

    I’m interested in anything that is kinder to the environment and if we all take even the smallest of steps it will make a positive impact!

  47. I do love a bit of cleaning and am a little obsessed with cleaning products. I often feel guilty or worried that the ones I generally use are bad for the environment. These sound great as you can clean without a guilty conscience.

  48. I would love to try these products that are environmentally friendly, no harsh chemicals, and packaging can be recycled.

  49. Sarah-Dawn Pope

    I like that they have got a cardboard caddy to carry them around in. Saves rootling around the cupboard under the sink to find the correct products.

  50. Selena Longworth

    I love to use safe and environmentally friendly products to protect my kids present and future. Great selection and interesting article.

  51. Rebecca Beesley

    I love the innovative and unique approach. I hate seeing our recycling bin fill up so quickly. Especially since I found out that plastic can only be recycled a certain number of times. I refill bottles of shampoo and soap over and over again but I didn’t know there was anything like this out there. Definitely something to look into and they seem to have a solution for every cleaning problem!

  52. I am a cleaning addict and I loooove nee products, especially eco-friendly ones. I love that the bottles are not plastic and are reusable. And having concentrated sachets means even less waste. Brilliant!

  53. I,m interested in plant-based cleaners because not only would they be kinder to the planet they,d be kinder to my skin!

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