How to transport your Christmas tree

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Trailer specialist Indespension offers hints on how to (…and how not to) transport your Christmas tree in this guest post.

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time of year when the TV adverts go on for slightly too long and every child absolutely must have every toy featured in every commercial, much to their parents’ annoyance.

It is also the time of year when we butcher acres of evergreens, drag them inside and make them look pretty. At least decorating the tree keeps the children away from the television and those dreadful advertisements for a short while.   

If you haven’t got your tree yet its best to make sure that you have some kind of plan of getting it back to your house, unlike the guys featured below. For slightly more effective (and not to mention safer) ways to transport your Christmas tree, here are some tips to consider.

Ensure that your tree is secured to the vehicle, in a way that won’t impede your driving. You might want to consider hiring a good trailer with protected fittings. Don’t strap it to your back and borrow a child’s scooter.

1 tree

Make sure that you aren’t obstructing other drivers and the road. There are trailers of all shapes and sizes that will mean your tree will be transported safely. Oh, and wait until you are home before decorating your tree.

2 tree

However you transport the tree, make sure your vision isn’t impaired in any way and that you can see the road ahead.

3 tree

Make sure the tree is secure and sheltered from the wind; you don’t want to lose any branches or bristles. Whether you need an open top or a closed trailer, you will find one which shelters your tree.

4 tree

Always bring help, and ask for extra hands if you need them. The beauty of using a trailer is that the whole family can come along to help choose the tree – rather than having to save space for it on the backseat, or having everyone complain they’re getting poked by wayward branches.

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