Infographic; apprenticeship information for school leavers

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It’s GCSE results day in England, Northern Ireland and Wales! I remember that day, more than 20 years ago, when I found out how I’d done in my GCSEs. I hope all the young adults who got their results today achieved the grades they needed.

The question now is what to do next? Further education is one option. Another career path would be an apprenticeship. The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (DBIS)has provided me with the infographic below. It outlines a few apprenticeship options for anyone who has just got their GCSE results. If you wat to more about modern apprenticeships, visit the website apprenticeships.gov.uk.

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Some apprenticeship options available to anyone that got their GCSE results today.

4 thoughts on “Infographic; apprenticeship information for school leavers”

    1. You’re quite right, university doesn’t suit everyone. I’ve learned a lot about apprenticeships recently, the modern ones look superb.

  1. I wish I had known more about apprenticeships when I finished my GCSEs, my school was very focussed on doing A Levels and going to university which just isn’t for everyone.
    Irma xo


    1. My school too. I never quite got to university. I returned to higher education as a mature student bu an apprenticeship wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

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