Infographic; are you a super dad?

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With the clock ticking down to Father’s Day, a new survey claims to have unearthed a new breed of British male; the Super Dad. The results are displayed in the infographic below.

The survey was carried out on behalf of clothes retailer Jacamo. It seems to show a certain level of equality between the genders when it comes to looking after the children and running the household.

For me, the results don’t really contain any surprises. It merely confirms that most fathers are heavily involved in family life.

Before you ask, yes I do cook, do the laundry, tolerate the school run and look after the kids singlehandedly. With my family set up, I do considerably more of this stuff than my wife. I wouldn’t call myself a Super Dad though…it’s just what I do.

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This survey was carried out with 1,000 British men and women by OnePoll on behalf of Jacamo.

8 thoughts on “Infographic; are you a super dad?”

  1. To be fair, I’m not sure we should be expecting Jacamo of all brands to be particularly enlightened when it comes to gender politics. (I’m judging merely by their adverts where they appear to think shouting at people is the best way to get them to buy their clothes) but yes, this isn’t super dad, it’s just dad. (Sorry, if you’ve already got yourself a cape.) It’s really good to see that responsibilities are being shared (though again – and this isn’t a gender thing, everyone does it – survey answers are usually exaggerated to make yourself look good) but perhaps if these things were seen less as superhero activities and more just something everyone does it would be easier all round? Plus, I don’t like the distinction between having fun and doing some of these things – I have a lot of fun with my daughter when I’m looking after her.

  2. Paul Wandason

    “I wouldn’t call myself a Super Dad though…it’s just what I do.”

    I don’t know, John – it’s what your children and your wife think that really matters! Maybe you’re ‘just’ a modest Super Dad! 🙂

  3. I certainly do all these things, and like taking the plaudits from others with lower expectations of what a dad should be….but if I’m honest I would struggle to call it my “fair share” and could/should probably do more!

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